Maine 2009 - Page 3 - Hurricane Island and beyond...
Docked at the pier of the (former) Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.  What a beautiful place!  There
was nobody here, we had the entire island to ourselves.  Meg, who used to work here, acted as our tour guide.
Admiring the quarry on Hurricane Island.  This was once a
thriving community with quarrying as its main livelihood.  
Maine granite was shipped throughout the world.
If you click on this photo, you'll see the name of this
lobster boat in Rockland harbor is the
Lobsta Mobsta!
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Meg at the helm, Hurricane I. in the background. Paul on bow.
07/23/09 - 9:30 AM - Dep Matinicus Harbor
             10:45 AM - Arr:
Hurricane Island
              walked around and took lots of photos
              1:15 PM - Dep Hurricane Island
             3:00 PM - Arr
Rockland Public Landing
          checked out the town, bought newspaper
          with photos of
Sno' Dog at Matinicus!
A real Downeast Maine scene!  Hurricane Island cove
Here we are heading out between Spectacle and Crotch
Islands.  Spectacle I. (left) has been quarried almost flat!
Incredible view from the deck of the doctor's house.  That's
Paul setting up to take a shot.  
Click here to see his work.
This beautiful house, built right upon a granite ledge
is owned by a (rich) doctor who owns the entire island!
Eva testing the waters - in Rockland
Meg piloting Sno' Dog back toward Rockland harbor.
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When we returned to
Rockland, we found that
for the third day in a row,
the Matinicus lobster man
shooting incident was still
the Bangor Daily News'
cover story
.  But this time,
we were in the picture!  In
the cover photo above,
can be seen through
the window of the lobster
boat.  We wondered if this
might be
Biscuit, the
friendly guy we met
yesterday, we never
learned his real name.
After a hardy dinner at the Rockland Café,
Meg, Paul Eva & Rose left us and headed back
to Brunswick.  We stayed put in Rockland and
waited for the predicted Nor'easter to pass.

Sure enough, winds hit 30 knots and it poured
rain for most of the day Friday.  On Saturday,
we expect to meet my mother for a trip out to
Vinalhaven to the summer house of our long lost
cousin, Peter Parsons.  Stay tuned...   (
see Pg 4)
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Matinicus Harbor
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On Page 2, there was an
aerial shot which clearly
Sno' Dog moored in
the harbor.  We're pretty
much the only non-lobster
boat in the harbor!