Maine 2009 - Page 4 - Vinalhaven and Penobscot Bay
What a difference a day makes!  Both photos were taken from the same spot - Rockland Public Landing.  Photo on left was taken
Saturday evening at sunset, photo on right was taken early the next morning.  Been a lot of FOG here in downeast Maine lately.
Heading back from Vinalhaven after lunch - the fog
returned!  But I guess it just wouldn't be downeast Maine
without fog now and again.  By now, we'd become pretty
accustomed to it.
The 300' Coast Guard cutter barque Eagle docked in Rockland.
She's coming to Portsmouth next WE for the Tall Ships parade.
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My mother, Margaret Strawbridge Clews (age 90) at the helm,
transiting the Fox Island Thoroughfare near North Haven.
Due to the weather, we hung out in Rockland
for a couple of days.  (It's actually a very pleasant
 My mother arrived Saturday evening, and
on Sunday, we headed out to visit our long lost
cousin, Peter Parsons at his summer house on
Vinalhaven Island.
Arriving at cousin Peter Parson's house, Peter on
right.  To see another photo of Peter,
Click Here.
Click on this photo to see another of Rockland Public
Landing at low tide.  As the cheapest place to dock in
downtown Rockland, it served our needs very well.
An excellent, and very civilized, luncheon at the Parson summerhouse.
Mother steering as we approach Peter's house.  If you click on the
photo, you can see him standing on the dock awaiting our arrival.
Flowers at the Rockland Public Landing dock.
Nancy doing her best to blend - at the Lobster Festival which
starts on Wednesday (7/29) here in Rockland.
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When we arrived in Stonington, we were met by friend Dave
Pashley who took us over to his new solar house - most impressive!
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07/27/09 - 12:15 PM - Dep Rockland Harbor - More FOG!
               1:20 PM - stopped in North Haven for lunch
               3:30 PM - Arr:
Stonington, ME
         Docked at Billings Diesel Svc. Met friend Dave Pashley
       and checked out his new, hi-tech solar house.  Dinner at
     Cockatoo (Portuguese) Restaurant - excellent & v. scenic!
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07/26/09 - 10:45 AM - Dep Rockland Harbor
              12:20 PM - Arr:
Vinalhaven Island
           docked at the house of cousin Parsons
          Ate a very civilized lunch, met relatives
           3:45 PM - Dep Parson's house
           5:30 PM - Arr
Rockland Public Landing
       Dinner ashore at the
Boat House Restaurant
Windjammer ghosting along in the fog off Rockland
Another one, or is it the same one?  Fog is getting thicker!
On the trip from Rockland to Deer Ilse, the fog stayed with
us. We learned to distinguish lobster boats on radar by their
erratic movement.  The ferries and most private boats held
a more steady and predictable course. Here are some of the
boats that popped out of the fog...
Then, we went to dinner at a new Portuguese restaurant,
Cockatoo near his house.  That's Dave on the right,
Nancy on the left.  (For more on the Pashley's, check out
2006 Maine cruise, Page 1 - scroll down.)
This was the scene when we returned to the boat after dinner.  We
were docked at Billings Boat Yard on Moose Island near Stonington.
The FOG comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on
I memorized that poem (by Carl Sanburg) back
in the 10th grade. We each had to memorize a
poem, I chose
Fog because of its brevity!
07/28/09 - 10:45 AM - Dep Stonington - no fog!
          1:20 PM - stopped in Bucks Harbor for lunch
          3:45 PM - Arr:
Belfast, ME - Docked at
           Belfast City Ldg. Met Nancy's parents and
          snow dog, Madison.  They all stayed aboard.
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Eggemoggin Reach, Buck's Harbor,
Belfast, Ilseboro (Dark Harbor),
Castine, Camden, Tennant's Harbor,
Portland and back to Portsmouth, NH
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