Maine 2009 - Page 5 - Penobscot Bay,  con'd.
Finally, a gorgeous clear, calm day!  (Conditions have to be near-perfect for Nancy to come up on the fly-bridge!)   
Here, we're cruising the Eggemoggin Reach approaching the Deer Ilse bridge.  I believe it was FDR who insisted
that this bridge be built tall enough to accommodate his private sailboat - vertical clearance is a generous 85 feet.
Another beautifully restored wooden boat, a Friendship
Sloop built in Friendship, ME in 1905.  Back then, these
were working boats used for tending lobster traps, etc.
The PDQ Lobsta Crawl lives!  Sno' Dog and Dana Louise
rafted together in Camden harbor.  That's Nancy & Brian
Strong aboard
Sno' Dog - their Dana Louise is in the
background.  (Snow dog, Madison is in the foreground.)
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These downeast Maine cruise ships under full sail
are a beautiful sight to behold!
Last fall, when PDQ was
attempting to carry on the Flotilla
tradition started by the original
Canadian company, the new
RI-based company proposed the
2009 PDQ Lobsta Crawl  as this
summer's Powercat event.  We were
to start in Newport, RI and cruise
Downeast, possibly as far as Roque
Island (almost to the Canadian
border).  Sadly, activity at Pearson
Composites on all things PDQ,
seems to have ground to a halt.  
Only time will tell if the venerable
brand will rise again.  Oddly enough,
the sailboat division, now known as
Antares Yachts, seems to be
flourishing - even though prices start
in the high $600 thousands.
Lunch stop on a mooring in scenic Bucks Harbor.
Click on the photo to see the gorgeous black-hulled
Wilbur lobster yacht in the background.
Nancy's stepfather, Dean McKusick on the bridge
as we head out of Belfast into
pea soup - once again!
Dean and Belle enjoying the scenery - when it appeared!
A beautifully maintained wooden Grand Banks at the
quaint, and color-coordinated, Bucks Harbor Marina.
We watched this big target approach on radar, then
contacted them on the VHF and agreed to pass
on one
before finally seeing them appear out of the fog.
As we approached Camden harbor, we easily spotted the
unmistakable profile of PDQ
Dana Louise - we rafted up.
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Yet another classic wooden sailboat.  But if you want to
know why I took this photo of
Starbound, you'll have to
click on it - and check out the dinghy!
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07/31/09 - 9:30 AM - Dep Tenant's Harbor - fair
             11:00 AM - rounding Pemaquid Point
             11:30 AM - passing Boothbay Harbor
          12 noon - stopped at Seguin I. for lunch
             3:00 PM -  Arr:
Portland, ME - rain!
             docked at Portland Yacht Svc. ($40)
         walked to the Old Port after rain stopped
As a former motorsailer owner, I always notice the breed.
This one is a beauty, a William Hand design, I believe.
Here, she's entering Castine harbor as we depart.
We gathered aboard Dana Louise for lunch.  If you look
closely (or click on the photo), you can see the Strong's
black lab,
Louis lurking under the table. (Photo by Brian.)
A scenic and peaceful mooring in Tenant's Harbor, but getting in and out
required dodging a staggering array of lobster buoys - see photo below.
Lobster buoys at the entrance to Tenant's Harbor create a serious obstacle course!  Fortunately, we made it unscathed!
07/28/09 - 10:45 AM - Dep Stonington - gorgeous, no fog!
              Because of the beautiful weather, we decided to
              circumnavigate Deer Ilse via Eggemoggin Reach
               1:20 PM - stopped in Bucks Harbor for lunch
               3:45 PM - Arr:
Belfast, ME
      Docked at Belfast City Ldg. Met Nancy's parents and
       our snow dog, Madison.  They all stayed aboard.
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The Tall Ships  arrive in Portsmouth
Click on small photos to view larger
07/29/09 - 10:30 AM - Dep Belfast - in the FOG!
          With Nancy's parents on board, we cruised out to
         and circled around and through
Islseboro, then
         headed across to
Castine where we docked at
         the town landing for lunch - exc. lobster rolls!
        4:30 PM - returned to
Belfast Cty. Ldg. for the night
07/30/09 - Filled Aft Diesel Tank - 41.5 Gal
             10:20 AM - Dep Belfast - rain, but no fog
           12 Noon - Arr
Camden - rafted w Dana Louise,
           the PDQ Lobsta Crawl lives!  Lunch aboard DL
                    See photos below...
            2:45 PM - Dep Camden - fair 74°, wind SW 10
            4:15 PM - Arr
Tenants Harbor - mooring
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Click on this photo to view another view of    Tenant's Harbor
Ram's Island Light just off the entrance to Boothbay Harbor
Here we are heading for Seguin Island - for a lunch stop.  If you
click on the photo, you'll see our position and course on our trusty
chartplotter as well as the actual island in the distance. Cool, eh?
08/01/09 - 9:45 AM - Dep Portland - fair, 68°
            11:40 AM - passing Cape porpoise
           1:00 PM - stopped in York Hrbr for lunch
           2:45 PM -
Portsmouth harbor
           3:15 PM  - Arr Great Bay Marina,
            back to our mooring in
Newington, NH
This is where Nancy and Madison spent much of
our Maine cruise, a cozy spot with a good view!
Heading out of Portland Harbor - the well-known, and
                 much photographed, Portland Head Light
Amphibious Duck heading out into Portland harbor.
          It was good weather for ducks!
Arriving back in Portsmouth, NH - Newcastle Light at the harbor entrance.
It was an excellent 2-week cruise
Downeast! Despite the rain and
fog, we thoroughly enjoyed
ourselves.  Once again,
Sno' Dog
performed flawlessly, and we had
ample opportunity to become
reacquainted with our electronic
navigation systems - which I still
find nothing short of amazing!  I
wonder if today's younger cruisers
realize what a huge step forward
this represents compared to the
good old days with only a compass,
paper chart and parallel rule?  It
sure makes cruising in the fog
almost a pleasure!
The end of a great day at our home base, Great Bay Marina