The Tall Ships  Arrive in Portsmouth
The 400-ft Coast Guard Cutter Barque Eagle leads the Tall Ship Parade into Portsmouth Harbor (mouse over enabled)
08/06/09 - Madison & I spent the night on board
           so we could get an early start!

08/07/09 - 6:40 AM - Dep Great Bay Marina
          7:00 AM - Arr Prescott Park docks
   Picked up passengers Kit & Noele Clews
& Brian & Pam Duffy bearing a
box of coffee
and various edible goodies.  Along with about
150 other boats, we headed downriver and out
into the Atlantic to greet the
Tall Ships.
We took lots of photos - weather was perfect.
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Spray from the Portsmouth fireboat produces a dramatic rainbow
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Brian Duffy taking photos, Henry at the helm.  (Kit photo )
The parade heads upriver towards Portsmouth.
The Eagle cleared the Memorial Bridge by "this much"! (Kit photo)
Their  website says the Eagle is 148' tall, bridge clearance is 170'.)
The Portsmouth Fireboat passing the Naval Shipyard
The odd-looking Piscataqua Gundalow passing under
the Memorial Bridge.  This is a replica of the freighters
that plied this river back in the 1880's delivering goods
by sail from Portsmouth to Dover and the Great Bay.
Entering the inner harbor, the Kalmar Nyckel in the background.
The Swedish 141' Kalmar Nyckel (CG Cutter Eagle in the background).
This Tall Ship was supposed to be offering rides, but the captain
pronounced the currents in the Piscataqua treacherous and finked out!
Pam Duffy and snow dog Madison (with PFD) passing
Red 14 in downtown Portsmouth with its many upscale
waterfront condos visible in the background.
Friends Pat and Brian Duffy enjoying the ride up the Piscataqua R.
Brother Kit and his wife Noele were also part of the crew.
The 140-ft Spirit of Massachusetts finally joined the group.
We had expected four Tall Ships to make their
grand entrance starting from sea bouy
2KR at 8
AM, but as you can see in these photos, only the
giant CG cutter
Eagle made a timely appearance...
The other three ships, which apparently
spent the night in Portsmouth harbor the
previous night, got a late start and only
joined in at the tail end of the parade.  
These included 141-ft
Kalmar Nyckel, the
Spirit of Massachusetts and the
Spirit of South Carolina.  It's possible
that many of the passengers aboard these
vessels might have balked at an early
departure. Most of the passengers aboard
Eagle were ferried out to meet their
ship at 6 AM!  I gather the early timing of
this event was because of the current,
slack water at the Memorial Bridge
occurred at 8:34 AM on Friday morning.
The parade heads for the 2nd opening bridge, the
Sarah Long Bridge, before turning into the
Market Street State Pier just beyond the bridge.
08/07/09 - 11:00 AM - Sno' Dog returned to
          Great Bay Marina after a most
          enjoyable morning!  Some of us
          ate lunch at their new waterfront
Fresh Local. Great day!
The three smaller Tall Ships docked at the Market Street State Pier.  From left to right, they are the Spirit of
, the Kalmar Nyckel and the Spirit of South Carolina.  They will be here through this weekend.
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already seen
Cruising Log,
check it out.
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On Sunday 08/09/09, we took another tour of Portsmouth Harbor with my mother and her friend,
Shirley Gramling.  
To see photos from that outing, including more TALL SHIP photos, Click Here.