Another fun day
  on the water...
  We're finally
  getting some
  summer weather
  here in NH, most
  of June and July
  was cold & rainy.
More Tall Ships in Portsmouth...
A long line of visitors waits to board the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle in Portsmouth Harbor on Sunday, August 9, 2009.
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Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point, ME.  No sweat for Sno' Dog at high tide!
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My mother at
the helm,
armed Coast
Guard tender
Shirley, my mother, Margaret and snow dog, Madison
The Spirit of Massachusetts docked at the NH State Pier.
Madison & Nancy enjoying a moment on the fly bridge.
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  already seen
  Cruising Log,
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08/09/09 - With my mother, Margaret, her friend,
       Shirley, wife Nancy & snow dog, Madison,
    we packed a lunch and headed downriver once
   again for another tour of Portsmouth Harbor.  
 The Tall Ships were still in port and available for
 boarding - some were even offering rides.  The
 crowds were impressive, the lines long.
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Check out the impressive eagle on the bow of the Eagle.
Also, an impressive line of people waiting to board!
The Spirit of South Carolina also docked at the NH State Pier
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