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Our new 4-bladed propeller!  Installed today during our annual haul-out for bottom cleaning and painting in Stuart, FL.
04/08/10 - The four-bladed propellers (that we
ordered from Dick Tuschick back in December)
finally arrived - just in time for installation during
our annual haul-out for cleaning and bottom
painting, at Whiticar Boat Yard in Stuart, Florida.
We're looking forward to checking them out when the boat
goes back in the water. Stay tuned for the test results...
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4/15/10 - The boat is still
not back in the water.  
But, in the meantime, my
brother Kit stopped by on
his way to
Sun 'n Fun in
Lakeland, FL.
Brother Kit arrives at 1300 Nettles Blvd. with his Air Creation trike behind his Mini tow-car..
Kit preparing to take off from Lake Agnes at the Sun 'n Fun Splash-In.
04/16/10 - Finally!  Sno' Dog is back in the water
with her new four-bladed props. I'm happy to report
that the boat is noticeably smoother and she cruises
a full knot faster - both at 3000 RPM and at WOT!
He towed his Air Creation
trike on floats from
Portsmouth, NH to Florida
behind his
Mini Clubman.  
Apparently, it makes a fine
tow-car, he reports cruising
at 70 mph on the highway!
That's also him flying
overhead - with a little help
from PhotoShop.
Here's the proof.  A remarkable 21.2 knots at 3700 RPM!
Click on photos to view larger image.
When I get a chance, I'll run a complete RPM vs.
speed test. But today's run from Salerno back to
Nettles Island, showed a consistent 1-knot-plus
increase in speed at engine speeds above 2800
RPM.  ALSO, a noticeably smoother, quieter ride!
.  04/17/10 - OK folks, I just posted the 4-Bladed
.  Propeller Test Results on the Performance Page.
.  There's no doubt that the new props are smoother
.  and quieter, and they also add over a knot of speed
.  at our fast cruise speed of 3000-3200 RPM.  Plus, we
.  now have an honest 20-knot powercat - fun!
04/24/10 - my son, Henry, his son, Henry (Hal), daughter
"Neddie" and my daughter-in-law, Mary came down from
Portland, Maine for a week's fun in the sun.  Some photos...
Henry Jr., Hal and Neddie happy to be aboard Sno' Dog!
Hal at the helm; father, sister & mother in the background.
Studying the maps at Sea World.
Click on photos to view larger image.
Flamingo pedal boat at Sea World.
Hal flying at Sea World.
Neddie flying at Sea World.
Neddie on dad's shoulders
Sno' Dog.
Dinner at the Dolphin Bar in Jensen Beach.  A fun place to
go by boat.  Nancy, Henry Jr, my mother, Margaret (91) and
Mary.  (Hal and Neddie only marginally visible.)
Always exciting to cruise home to Nettles Island in the dark!
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