December 2010
Night and Day on Nettles Island
Our humble abode at Nettles Island decorated for the Christmas season.
Madison watching the Nettles Island Christmas Parade - which started at the
marina and wended its way to the clubhouse.
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.          14-meter French Euroclassic Canal Barge
.            A 1/4 share of this French canal boat might be available.
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.   Charleston, SC to Jensen Beach, FL
Sno' Dog at dusk in her "slip" at Nettles Island Marina.
Sno' Dog  with her "wavy" LED Christmas Lights.
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December 2010...

We've been hanging
out at Nettles Island
making some repairs
and improvements to
our winter residence
here at No.1300.

Sno' Dog has been
resting comfortably in
her slip. The weather
for the past couple of
weeks has been
unusually cold for
Florida, it got down to
38° last night!
Merry Christmas

Joyeux Noël

Feliz Navidad
Lunar Eclipse as seen from our back porch on 12/21/10.
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