A modest waterfront home - with pagoda.  If you click on
the photo, you'll see the owner with her dogs on the lawn.
Even million-dollar homes have their problems.  This
house is completely wrapped,  presumably for insect
extermination.  The sign says "Dead Bug Edwards"!
Click on photos to see larger image
The houses - and boats - here are a sight to behold.  No sign of recession here!
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February 2010 - Page 1             Headed South...
Headed south on the ICW just south of Jupiter.  We got an early start hoping we might actually head for the Bahamas today.
February 1st, 2010 - It looked as though there might be a small window for crossing the Gulf Stream tomorrow,
so we packed up and headed out of Nettles Island Marina - in the pouring rain!  
BAHAMAS, here we come - maybe.
2:15 PM - Dep Nettles I. Marina, Jensen Beach - Rain, wind SE 20
4:30 PM - Arr:
Jupiter, FL - Seasport Marina - exc. dinner at Jetty's
            Today: 21.1 n mi  -  2.7 eng hrs
02-02-10 - Ground Hog Day! - 7:30 AM - Dep Jupiter, headed south
8:45 AM - Stopped at Riviera Beach Municipal Marina for fuel
Filled Fuel tanks, 84.3 gal (last fill-up: 11-12-09, Daytona Bch)
9:10 AM - Headed out Lk Worth inlet - into the Atlantic - wind SE 15
9:20 AM - Turned around, too rough! Decided to head S. on the ICW
2:35 PM - passing Hillsboro Inlet - wind SSE 15 kts
4:15 PM - Arr: Las Olas Muni Marina,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
.             Today: 48.3 n mi  -  8.6 eng hrs  - many draw bridges!
Preparations for Super Bowl 44 are intense here!  No matter that Sun Life
Stadium is 20 miles to the south - and it's still four days until the game!
Passing Peanut Island (near Lake Worth Inlet) we
noticed this woman perched under the bow sprit;
and a man with a
Westy paddling toward her.
Click on photos to see larger image
There are many bridges between Palm Beach
and Ft. Lauderdale, this is one of the prettier
ones.  With our mast down, we were able to
sneak under many of them, we need only 16 ft.
Even though the signs say slow speed under the
bridges, we met this guy tearing through the
S.E. 15th St. Bridge with surf boarder in tow!
So now, we have to decide what to do next?  
The forecast calls for northerly (or strong SE)
winds right through the weekend.  It doesn't
look good for crossing the Gulf Stream until
early next week.  Hey, we may actually be
able to watch the Super Bowl
live. Oh boy!
Heading out into the Atlantic yesterday, there was a fairly big
swell left over from the strong winds of previous days.  There's
no doubt we could have made the crossing safely (I've certainly
run in rougher seas), but Nancy really doesn't like bouncing
around.  After about 10 minutes, she announced that she didn't
want to do this for another four hours.  Since this is supposed to
be fun (and I'd probably starve without her cooking), I decided
we'd better turn around. Cruising down the ICW proved very
pleasant, it's fun to see all the fancy houses - and the fancy boats!
Ocean Avenue Bridge
Boynton Beach, FL
Delray Beach, FL
Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL
02-03-10 - stayed today in Ft. Lauderdale.  Very pleasant.
. 02-05-10 - For the moment, we're hanging out
. in Fort Lauderdale.  Not a bad a bad place to
. be stuck!  For more photos, check out
.  Hanging Out in Ft Lauderdale
.         February 2010 - Page 2
02-04-10 - 11:45 AM - Dep Las Olas Marina - 75°, wind NE 10
.                12:30 PM - Arr: New River Downtown Marina,
Fort Lauderdale, FL - Great spot!
.                Today: 2.5 n mi.  -  0.8 eng hrs  (strenuous day!)

02-05-10 - Stayed in the New River, Fort Lauderdale, FL