We came across this wonderful odity on the New River -
PlaneBoats.com.  Its name, Cosmic Muffin, seemed appropriate!
A pleasant cruise up the New River in Fort Lauderdale.
Hanging Out in Fort Lauderdale...
Docked at the New River Downtown (Municipal) Marina in the heart of Fort Lauderdale - a fun place to hang out!
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From our spot on the New River, we had a great view of the
comings and goings.  The 3rd Avenue Bridge opened frequently,
sometimes for some very large craft.  This 100+ footer required a
tug-boat to guide her through the narrow channel.
Apparently, you can have a Tropical Adventure without
ever leaving town!  This tour boat passed by frequently.
This boat, docked next to us - with two small
boys aboard - was also waiting for a good
window to go to the Bahamas. (They've been
here for two weeks!)  I expect, when a good
window does finally open up for a Gulf Stream
crossing, there's going to be a mass exodus!
We decided, after a couple days
docked over by the beach, to
relocate downtown.  The
New River
Municipal Marina is right in
downtown Fort Lauderdale and it's a
fun place to hang out. (Dockage here
costs a mere $1.20/ft.)  There's a
Riverwalk Park along both sides of
the river (good for walking or
biking) and the downtown shops on
Las Olas Boulevard are only a short
walk away.  Yesterday afternoon,
we sat outside at the Cheesecake
Factory and enjoyed Café Mochas
and cheesecake.  It's a tough life!
And, it sure is a whole lot better than the big blizzard
raging in the mid-Atlantic states right now!
02-05-10 - Stayed in the New River, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
The weather forecast is windy and warm for the next several
days.  Not good for going to the Bahamas, but perfect for
hanging out in downtown Ft. Lauderdale!
Our spot on the New River right by the fountains - just below the 3rd Avenue Br.
Biking around the area, we came across this strange object.
Click for larger view, and/or mouse-over for detailed close-up.
Not all houses in Fort Lauderdale are mansions.  It was
refreshing to come across some well-preserved older houses.
Another atypical Ft. Lauderdale house, it appeared occupied.
02-06-10 - We're still here! And still having fun...
Another PDQ 34, "Easy Riders" contacted us about
crossing to the Bahamas - from Miami to Bimini, and
on to Nassau, etc.  They thought they might take
advantage of today's westerly winds.  But we
checked the forecast and decided to take a pass.  
Although out of the west, the winds are forecast to
blow 20-25 knots by this evening, then turn NW.  
Seemed a bit too wild and woolly for us.
02-07-10 - (Superbowl Sunday) - Fair 60°, wind NW 15 kts
        10:45 AM - Dep New River Tie-Up, headed up the
                         New River for a scenic tour...
        12:30 PM - back to the ICW (Ft Lauderdale) headed S.
          3:30 PM - Arr: Crandon Marina,
Key Biscayne, FL
                         Today: 27.1 n mi  -  4.8 eng hrs
Fort Lauderdale harbors some very large boats!
Now this is really BIG!  So big, the Octopus has to dock
at the cruise ship terminal.  She has two helicopters on
board; the aft jet-copter has its own hangar!
Click photos to view larger image
Heading south toward Miami, the buildings get bigger too.  This
reminds me of the cell-phone commercial:
More Bars in more Places!
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.  Or will this turn into a Florida Keys cruise?
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