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An impressive line of cruise ships appears as we pass the Port of  Miami main channel.  Sunday is turn-around day.
02-08-10 - 11:30 AM - Dep Crandon Marina, headed under
.                Rickenbacker Causeway fixed bridge - 16'
          checked out ocean outside Key Biscayne.
        12:30 PM - Anchored in No Name Harbor
        1:30 PM - Dep: No Name Hrbr - after lunch
        2:45 PM - Arr:
Boca Chita Key - 75°, wind E 10
                $20 overnight (no elect, no water, no pets)
                Today: 17.5 n mi  -  2.5 eng hrs
Miami skyline behind us as we head south into Biscayne Bay
The Super Bowl aboard Sno' Dog - with scenic background.
Click photo to enlarge, mouse over to see who won!
Can we get under the Rickenbacker Causeway?
Click photo to enlarge, mouse over to see next photo.
We made it!  With about 6 inches to spare above the Bimini.
             As you can see, our mast was down.
Cape Florida Light at the tip of Key Biscayne.  We
circled the Key and entered here after deciding (again)
not to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.  It was
fairly calm, but the wind was out of the north and seas
were reported 4-6 feet in the Gulf Stream.  Plus winds
tomorrow are forecast SE 15-20 knots - too windy!
We anchored in No Name Harbor for lunch.  There were lots
of boats in there waiting for a window to cross to the Bahamas.
As we left, we met three PDQ powercats coming in to await a
possible crossing window later this week.
The entrance to the harbor at Boca Chita Key - scenic!
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Boca Chita Light - originally built by Honeywell in 1937
Seagull on picnic table, Sno' Dog in Boca Chita Harbor
The snug harbor at Boca Chita Key.  Not hard to imagine
you're at a Bahama out-island here (except for the flag).
02-09-10 - 10:45 AM - Dep Boca Chita Key - wind SE 15
.               11:45 AM - Arr: Elliot Key - lunch stop, 76 °
            12:45 PM - Dep Elliot Key - skinny water (3.5')
              3:00 PM - Arr:
Key Largo, docked at
Gilbert's Family Paradise Island Resort!
                       Today:  22.1 n mi  -   3.5 eng hrs  
Are we there yet?
02-07-10 - (Super Bowl Sunday) - Fair 60°, wind NW 15 kts
    12:30 PM - back on the ICW (Ft Lauderdale) headed S.
      3:30 PM - Arr: Crandon Marina,
Key Biscayne, FL
                     Today: 27.1 n mi  -  4.8 eng hrs
         Tonight: Watched
Super Bowl on TV - saw blimp!
Cruising south in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay
We were the only boat in the harbor at Elliot Key.  The slips were a bit small, but we found a way to tie up anyway.
At low tide, the approach to this harbor has only 3 feet, we were able to sneek in 2 hours from low tide.
Docked at Elliot Key, another Bahamas-like spot.
It's not looking very promising for getting to the Bahamas.  Another cold front is coming through tonight;
winds tomorrow are forecast NW 15-20 knots.  No good windows appear on the horizon any time soon.
Looks as though we may have to settle for a Florida Keys cruise for the time being.
.  Actually, we've been having a great time heading south into the Keys.
.   For the continuation of our  Florida Keys Cruise, click here.
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