February 2010 - Page 5
Henry's Daughter & Grandchildren
Henry's daughter, Charlotte with husband, Jerome Lawther - and kids, Georgia (2) and Lucy (3)
My daughter, Charlotte came down from Maine for a short visit her with husband, Jerome and their two
daughters, Lucy who is three and Georgia who is two.  We rented a car and drove up from Marathon to
see them in Jensen Beach.  Tuesday (2/16) was Charlotte's 35th birthday, so naturally, we had a party.
Great Grandmother Margaret at the pool with Charlotte & kids.
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Charlotte looking very stylish on her 35th birthday.
Charlotte posing with (cute) kids, Lucy and Georgia
Charlotte & Jerome at the FL Oceanographic Coastal
Center on Hutchinson Island, a kid favorite.
At the Oceanographic Center you can feed
           and pet the sting rays!
Charlotte attempting to feed a sting ray.
Birthday festivities at 1300 Nettles Blvd.
Lucy clapping as Charlotte prepares to blow out her
candle on her flour-less chocolate cake - made by Nancy.
Charlotte cutting her cake as kids watch eagerly.
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