February 2010 - Page 6
Key West, Florida
Docked at the Key West Bight Marina in the heart of downtown.  That's the Turtle Krawl
Restaurant in the background.  Duval Street is a 5-minute walk from here.
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02-20-10 - After a week in Marathon, we decided to take advantage of fair weather
and light Easterly winds to run down the Hawk Channel to Key West.  We made a brief
stop at
Bahia Honda along the way - mainly to see if we could get in. (Last year, when
This lovely beach lies at the southerly-most tip of Key West.  As we turned
into the ship channel here,
Sno' Dog reached her most southerly latitude
so far: 24° 32.25' N.  (Our most northerly point was 61
° 07.9' N in Finland.)
We passed this guy as we entered Key West.
The main (Ship Channel) entrance to Key West.  As many as three large cruise ships can dock here at one time.
The Key West Bight Marina is also known as Historic Seaport.  It
is the cheapest and funkiest marina in downtown Key West - and
a popular place to keep a dinghy for the many boats anchored out.
Apparently, there are still a few pirates left here!
A major advantage of this location is that home-made
ice cream is available within 100 feet of the boat!
The Key West Conch Train.  A bit touristy, but a fun ride.
I remember this sign from our visit 25 years ago.  The A & B
Lobster House restaurants - both of them - are still good too.
02-21-10 - We stayed in Key West today. Winds
tomorrow are forecast to be from the south, so we
may take advantage of that to head north.
In the meantime, some more
Key West photos...
Colorful houses as seen from the Key West Conch Train.
Key West was originally named Cayo Hueso because of
the bones found here by the Spaniards in the 1700's.
This beautiful bank was built in 1891 by the locals who
didn't trust US National Banks.  I wonder why?
Pan American Airlines began overseas with flights to Cuba!
The view from the top of the Key West Lighthouse.  
Almost all the houses have metal roofs here, this was
mandated after a devasting fire back in the 40's.
The Ernest Hemingway House, a big tourist attraction here.
we called to see if they had space for us, they told us the entrance channel was only 15 feet wide and we could
not get in with our 17-foot beam.  That sounded like a challenge to me!)  Anyway, after a brief lunch stop, we
continued on down to Key West.  It was beautiful run with following seas.
 (See Bahia Honda photos on Page 4.)
Havana is closer than Miami
02-22-10 - We're still in Key West. Today, it's
           raining & 70°, wind SE 20 gusting to 30!
Not quite the weather we were expecting for heading
North. Looks as though we'll be here for another day.
Hey, more time for additional photos!
The sign in the window says "Out of gas, back in 20 min"
The gingerbread trim on many Key West houses are the
trademark of the builder, in this case a shipwright.
The crowds on Mallory Square gather to watch the sunset.
Charter boat "After Hours" in Key West Bight.
This is the schedule
for the Florida East
Coast Railway.  Can
you imagine hopping
on a train in New
York City and riding
all the way to Key
West? I wonder if
they actually put the
train car on a boat to
continue the trip to
Nancy and the seagulls watching the sunset from Mallory Square.
After a mostly rainy day, we were rewarded with great sunset - from famous Mallory Sq.
02-23-10 - 10:15 AM - Depart
           Key West, fair 74°, calm
Followed Calda Channel "short cut"
out to Florida Bay.  Fog set in!
11:15 AM - Made it to open water,
        smooth seas, but thick
3:30 PM - Arr: Little Shark
               River, Everglades
               Nat'l Park, FL
            Very scenic anchorage
    Today: 57.6 n mi - 5.4 eng hrs.
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.  Heading North from Key West
A couple more boat pics taken as
we headed out of Key West today.
A pretty powercat heading out of Key West Bight.
I'm sure there's a good story to go with this situation.  If you click
on the photo, you'll see the banner says: "Held Hostage by Ace
Insurance Co."    (See note below.)
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Sure enough, thanks to a tip from a SnoDogLog reader/fan, I came across the
following links which tell the story:
Mega-Yacht Still Marooned off Key West
and there's even a CNN video on the subject: Millionaire Lives in Tent!