When we arrived in Newburyport (Saturday afternoon) the City Docks were full, but our shallow draft and good
maneuverability allowed us to sneak into the dinghy dock!  That's snow dog, Madison keeping watch on the foredeck.
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Sno' Dog docked with the dinghies in downtown Newburyport.
We met the Prince of Whales heading out of the harbor.
A crowded beach on a warm Saturday afternoon at the mouth of the Merrimack River - en route to Newburyport.
A mini lobster boat in the mist off New Castle (Portsmouth) harbor.
On Sunday, we took a leisurely trip 10 miles up the
Merrimack River which is navigable as far as
Haverhill, MA.  We turned around near Bradford
when we came to a bridge with 12-ft clearance - but
we could have requested an opening and continued
upriver.  As it was, we barely snuck through another
bridge which showed a clearance of 17 feet, but we
didn't see the gauge until after we'd passed under it!
Will we make it under this bridge?  We did - with inches to
spare.  Then, on the other side we saw the gauge which showed
17 feet!
Heading upriver on the Merrimack you soon come to this
pretty suspension bridge near Amesbury.
Mini-Cruise south to Newburyport, MA
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Taking advantage of good weather and a few free
days, we headed south 25 miles to the delightful city
of Newburyport, MA - just south of the NH border.
We left Portsmouth around noon and arrived at the
Newburyport City Docks (aka Central Waterfront
Park) about 2 PM - on a Saturday afternoon.  Not
surprisingly, the town dock was full, but we were
able to sneak into a little space they normally reserve
for dinghies.  Overnight dockage here, including
electricity & water, cost us a mere $45.  Downtown
Newburyport is a 3-minute walk and the town is
busy celebrating
Yankee Homecoming Days meaning
there's a lot going on here right now.
Sections of the Merrimack River are uninhabited and very pretty.
Other sections have many small marinas.  This one has a
houseboat named
Piece of Ship!  (Click photo to see larger.)
Heading back downriver on the Merrimack through the suspension bridge near Amesbury.
Sunday afternoon, we
returned to Newburyport
and once again, found a
perfect spot in the City
Dock's dinghy cove.  An
outdoor concert was
underway less than 50 feet
from our boat.
But it was really
Gram's Ice
Cream Parlour
that brought
us back, Nancy wanted
another of their homemade
waffle-cones!  Later, we
went to
Agave's Bistro for
an excellent Mexican dinner.
The high-class Wentworth-by-the-Sea Marina and Hotel in Little Harbor - just south of Portsmouth.  
The PDQ formerly known as "Gemini" is visible at the dock to left, she's a sister ship to
Sno' Dog.
Monday, after
another stroll
around town, we
headed north
back to
Portsmouth.  To
stay in calm
water, we
hugged the
shoreline staying
less than half a
mile off the
beach all the way
New Castle Light at the mouth of the Piscataqua River marks the entrance to Portsmouth harbor.
A fun mini-cruise!
It's great to have
such a pleasant
destination within
an easy cruising
distance.  Even
with strong NW
winds gusting over
20 knots on our
return trip, we were
able to hug the
shoreline and enjoy
a calm, and scenic,
ride home.
Notes from the Log: 07/24/10 - Great Bay Marina to Newburyport: 24.5 n mi, 2.6 eng hrs
                              07/25/10 - Newburyport, upriver on the Merrimack & rtn: 18.4 n mi, 3.6 eng hrs
                              07/26/10 - Newburyport to Great Bay Marina (along shoreline): 25.8 n mi, 2.7 eng hrs
.  Margaret Strawbridge Clews
.              1919 - 2010