Resting comfortably at her mooring at Great Bay Marina, Sno' Dog appears restless as she awaits her next adventure.
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Waiting for the next adventure...
Our Portsmouth house on 6/12/10 with new shutters!
(Mouse-over to see house last August without side shutters.)
Nancy produced this amazing European-style
custard tart from strawberries she picked herself!
(She also made a bunch of strawberry jam.)
Meanwhile, in greater Portsmouth on land...
Click on photo for full effect!
My daughters Meg and Charlotte both placed very respectably
in the
Tri-ME Triathlon this weekend in Casco, Maine.  
Clinging to mother Meg are daughters, Rose and Eva.
After the race, Rose & Eva decided it was their turn to shine.
They're flying high on a super bungee-assisted trampoline.
And, in nearby Maine...
Click on photos
to view larger.
We haven't been doing a lot of boating recently.  Instead,
we've been making fairly regular trips (by car) to Hanover,
NH to visit my mother who is unfortunately, quite sick.
However, we did take a great little lunch
trip from Great Bay, up the Piscataqua
River, then 5 miles up the Cocheco River -
all the way to downtown Dover, NH.
Heading through the Cocheco River "Narrows" en-route to Dover.
At low tide, the channel shoals to 2 feet, but on our trip (on a rising
tide) we never saw less than 8 feet of water.  Very scenic!
Arriving in downtown Dover.  Who knew there
were so many boats way up here?
July 2010 update...
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