March 2010 - Pg 1
Family & Friends at Jensen Beach, FL
Outside the Landings Restaurant at Nettles Island Marina: Nancy; Nancy's mother, Belle; Henry's mother, Margaret;
Nancy's step-father, Dean; friend, Susan Linsey; her daughter Sara; and Margaret's secretary/helper, Shirley Gramling.
For now, we're hanging out at Nettles Island in Jensen Beach, FL.  Nancy has gone back to work (as an
OR nurse) at Martin Co. Memorial Hospital, and we're entertaining friends and family.  Our friend, and
former neighbor in Hanover, came down for a few days with her 8-year-old daughter, Sara. Next week,
Sunday Brunch at the Landings Restaurant:  Margaret, Dean, Belle
Susie, Sara, Nancy, Shirley and Henry (behind the camera).
Sara keeping busy before the food arrives.
Landing by dinghy at Peck Lake.  The ocean is 50 yards away.
Meg and Eva (driving) the dinghy in Peck Lake.
Eva (top) and Rose (bottom) lying on Nancy's
 most recent creation - a crazy quilt top.  
Rose is doing an amazing job of blending in!
Meg (40!) at the helm of Sno' Dog.  Nettles I in the background.
Meg & family dodging the waves on Jupiter Island.  This lovely
beach is only accessible by boat - from Peck Lake on the ICW.
Eva (age 8) at the helm of Sno' Dog.
Eva, Paul and Rose on the bow.
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we're expecting Henry's daughter,
Meg and husband and two daughters
for a week-long visit.
03/21/10 - Henry's Daughter, Meg along
with her husband, Paul and daughters, Eva
& Rose arrived for a week's visit in FL.
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Rose (age 5) at the helm of Sno' Dog.
More kids and grandkids will be visiting in April, stay tuned...
04/04/10 - We finally received our new four-bladed
 Hoping to install them soon.  Will let you
know the results.     
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