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.   The start of our Southbound Trip
Hard to imagine better conditions than this for cruising Georgia's
low country.  Many cruisers were fretting about the shoaling in
the Little Mud River, but not us. We passed through there at dead
low tide and saw occasional 6-ft depths, no problem.
Nice house on John's Island just N. of Vero Bch.
This 26-foot RIB with twin 200-HP outboards -
twice the horsepower of
Sno' Dog - is the
dinghy for
Casino Royale !
May 2010 - Page 1
The Old Mill in St. Augustine - now a bar.  The
waterwheel is turned by water from an artesian well.
Castillo de San Marcos, a St. Augustine landmark.  Built in 1739
by the Spaniards to defend against those nasty British!  In the
background, you can see the newly-restored
Bridge of Lions.
Here's how you can tell it was a very warm day!
Twin kite surfers taking advantage of strong
winds on the Indian River north of Vero Beach.
Headed north in the open sea off Fernandina Beach, FL.
Notice that bright new snow dog flag, Nancy gave it to me
for my birthday.
Snow Dog heading north on the ICW (Indian River) just north of Vero Beach.  Many artificial "spoil" islands along here.
05/01/10 - 1:15 PM - Dep Nettles I. Marina - 82°, wind SE 15-20
     3:00 PM - passing Vero Beach            
     5:00 PM - Arr:
Melbourne, FL - Melbourne Hrbr Marina
Filled Fuel tanks - 104.5 gal (last fill Feb 24th)
              Exc. dinner downtown at the Pasta Co.
         Today: 48.9 n mi.- 3.8 eng hrs  (Ave Spd: 13 kts)
05/02/10 - 9:45 AM - Dep Melbourne - 80°, sunny, wind S 15
      12 Noon - passing  Titusville
      3:00 PM - Arr:
New Smyrna Beach (Muni Marina)
          Today: 58.7 n mi. - 5.2 eng hrs  (smooth ride)
05/03/10 - 10:20 AM - Dep NSB - Our usual early start! - 82°
      11:40 AM - passing  Daytona Beach
        3:15 PM - Arr:
St. Augustine (Muni Marina) - 85°
            Exc. dinner at
A1A Ale House next to Marina
                    Today: 53.9 n mi. -  4.9 eng hrs
Once again, we're headed back to New Hampshire.  The last few days have been hot here in Florida, it's
time to head north!
05/07/10 - 8:50 AM - Dep Thunderbolt Marina - Fair 78°
         9:25 AM - Cross Savannah R., enter SC, 82°
       11:50 AM - passing Beaufort, SC, 85°, wind S 10
         4:15 PM - Arr:
Charleston, SC, Maritime Ctr.
                      Today: 92.5 n mi. -  7.5 eng hrs
                      A long, warm, but pleasant, day.
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Sno' Dog Heads North...
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Casino Royale - a very large and ostentatious
yacht docked in St. Augustine - had all the

toys aboard, including 2 Segways and
2 black
Vespa motor-scooters labelled
05/04/10 - Stayed in St. Augustine - sunny & 86° today

Miércoles - Cinco de Mayo - Ola, Ola!
05/05/10 - 9:00 AM - Dep St Augustine - fair, wind SE 5-10
       9:15 AM - St. Augustine inlet, into the
Atlantic O.
      11:15 AM - passing St. John River entrance
       12:30 PM - passing St. Mary's R. - Georgia state line
        1:50 PM - enter St. Andrew Sound, back to ICW
        2:10 PM - passing Jekyll Island, GA
        2:45 PM - Arr:
St. Simon's Island, Georgia
 Golden Isles Marina, went shopping w courtesy car
       Today: 75.6 n mi.  -  5.8 eng hrs  (13 kts ave)
        Comfortable 65-mi, 15-kt, open-ocean passage
05/06/05 - 9:15 AM - Dep Golden Isles Marina
        squeezed under St. Simon's I. causeway bridge
        (chart shows 10-ft clearance, but tide was low)
       1:30 PM - passing through "Hell Gate"
       2:45 PM - Arr:
Thunderbolt, GA
                    added 56 Gal fuel to fwd tank
        Today: 71.0 n mi  -  5.7 eng hrs  (12.5 kts ave)
                   Excellent dinner at Tubby's Tank House
A rare photo of Nancy at the helm, conditions must have been perfect!
The great Atlantic Ocean!
Click photo to view larger.
Warm weather brings everyone up on the fly bridge!
A really ugly ship - docked in Charleston harbor.
Some houses here (just south of Charleston) have ridiculously long docks!  This one appears to be over a half a mile long.
This guy, "Tug" Buse, has cruised all the way from
N. Dakota in this 14-ft, William Garden designed,
sailboat.  He is on his way to Brooklin, Maine!
05/08/10 - 10:15 AM - Dep Charleston Maritime Ctr - 82°
             10:45 AM - Isle of Palms, SC -  85°, wind SW 20
               2:15 PM - Arr:
Georgetown, SC, Boat Shed Mar.
                       Today: 53.2 n mi - 4.0 eng hrs (13.3 kt ave)
                       Bought fresh local fish & shrimp next door
05/09/10 - Cold front expected, we're looking forward to it!
Nancy returning from a shopping trip in Georgetown, SC.  We
really like this little town - despite the huge paper mill nearby.
The Independent Seafood Market in Georgetown, SC.
We bought some fresh grouper here that was delish!
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May 2010 - Page 2
The Georgetown skyline at dusk.  That's the Nina and the Pinta
docked along the Harborwalk.  You could go aboard them for $6.00.
Our Northbound Log continues on  Page 2
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