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This is the sight that greeted us as we arrived in Newport.  
The first land we saw since leaving Long Island Sound!
Amazing what a little positive current can do!  Our E-120
21.8 knots as we transit the East R. near Hell Gate.
May 2010 - Page 3
A very large freighter passes us on the C&D Canal.
A peek at the grand ESB as we head north on the East River
I included this shot to show just how calm it was in the middle of Long Island Sound.  Great for powerboats, not good for sailing.
Beautiful downtown Baltimore.  Once again we docked at the City Marina which, for some reason, is shunned by many.
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Sno' Dog Heads North...
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Inland, temps were forecast to hit the 80's.  But
offshore it was cool.  Water temp was a fresh 54
Sighted this curious vessel with tourists(?) aboard off Pt. Judith.
The nude beach on Sandy Hook.  You'd think 54° would discourage bathing, but there were a few (naked) souls in
the water - as well as many strolling the beach.  Appeared to be mostly men, but there was an occasional female.  
I was able to put my
Fujinon Techno-stabli stabilized binoculars to good use here!
The scenic Stratford Point Lighthouse just before the turn
into Milford, CT.  A beautiful day on Long Island sound!
This strange thing, the M-80 Stiletto Maritime Test Platform
came in and docked at the Newport Yachting Center today.
It's an experimental, high speed (top speed classified) Navy
craft.  It has 4 huge Arnessen surface drive props and a big
garage door  in the back with a chute allowing it to" give
birth" to a 30' high-speed RIB tender.
It's here for the
OceanTech Expo which starts on Tuesday.
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.   Jensen Beach, FL to Georgetown, SC
. For more photos of Baltimore, see  May 2010 - Page 2
Cruising comfortably southeast on the Delaware Bay.  
We lucked out,  folks we met in Cape May reported a
nasty crossing yesterday with 3-4 foot waves.
Passing Atlantic City.  Looks as though Trump's Taj Mahal
(red arrow) will soon be trumped - by a huge new silver building.
This heavy-duty, all-metal, power catamaran
Dyad was anchored in Cape May harbor.  
05/21/10 - 9:00 AM - Dep Hoffman's Dock - 75°, wind calm!
            10:35 AM - off Sandy Hook - water temp 54°
            11:15 AM - under Verrazano Narrows Bridge
              12 noon - thru Hell Gate on East R. - pos. current
             12:30 PM - under Throggs Neck Br - into L.I. Sound
               3:10 PM - passing Stratford Pt. Lt.- see photo below
               3:30 PM - Arr:
Milford, CT - Milford Yacht Club
                  Amazingly calm & pleasant passage, once again!
                  Today: 86.6 n mi - 6.7 eng hrs. - 13 kts ave!
The Seastreak catamaran ferry.  On the side, it said high-speed
service to Martha's Vineyard
, but it appeared to be headed south.
05/21/10 - 9:00 AM - Dep Milford YC - cloudy 58°, wind E 10-15
            10:30 PM -  somewhere off Clinton -
FOG, wind on nose
            12:45 PM - passing Watch Hill, RI - only seen on radar
              2:00 PM - Pt. Judith - on radar - 1/8 mi visibility
              3:00 PM - Arr:
Newport, RI - Newport Yachting Ctr.
Filled aft fuel tank: 56.2 gal (should get us to NH)
                        Today: 78.0 n mi - 6.0 eng hrs - 13 kts ave.
05/18/10 - Stayed in Baltimore. Not a good travelling day.
.               Rain, wind NE 15-20, 54°  (Forecast high 56°)
.               Turned on the heat for the 1st time since Nov!
05/19/10 - 9:00 AM - Nancy departs for flight to Boston
             9:45 AM -
Sno' Dog departs Baltimore Inner Hrbr.
            12:15 PM - passing Turkey Pt. - 58°, wind NW 10
              1:00 PM - Chesapeake Cty, on the C&D Canal
              1:45 PM - into the Delaware Bay - wind NW 10
              4:45 PM - enter Cape May Canal - cldy 60°
              5:05 PM - Arr:
Cape May, NJ - Utsch's Marina
                  Today: 97.9 n mi. - 7.4 eng hrs - 13.2 kts ave.
05/20/10 - 9:30 AM - Dep Utsch's Marina - 65°, wind SW 10
              9:45 AM - out Cape May inlet into the big Atlantic
              12 noon - passing Atlantic City, wind SE 10
              1:20 PM - passing Ship Bottom, NJ - calm seas
              3:30 PM - enter Manasquan Inlet - fair, 75°
              3:45 PM - docked in
Brielle, NJ - Hoffman's Mar.
Filled fwd fuel tank:  46.2 gal.
                           Today:  78.5 n mi. -  6.3 eng hrs.
             Naturally, since Nancy left yesterday, the weather
             has been perfect!  Very pleasant cruise today.
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.   Georgetown, SC to Baltimore, MD
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But this is what it looked like on Saturday - from the inside helm.  FOG, FOG, FOG, and a cold wind on the nose!
05/23/10 - Stayed in Newport...
              Visited with brother & friends working here.
05/24/10 - 1:15 PM - Dep Newport - w. Tom Coneys aboard
              4:10 PM - enter Cape Cod Canal - fair, wind SE 10
              4:45 PM - Arr
Sandwich, MA - Sandwich Marina
                     Today: 47.0 n mi. - 3.6 eng hrs  (13 kt ave)
05/25/10 - 9:15 AM - Dep Sandwich Marina - fair 65°, calm
             12:55 PM - passing Cape Ann - wind SW 5-10
               2:40 PM - entering
Portsmouth Hrbr - neg current
               3:20 PM - Arr: Great Bay Marine,
Newington, NH
                              wind calm, sunny & hot, 90°!
                    Today: 81.1 n mi. - 6.1 eng hrs  (13.3 kt ave)
We're home to our summer home port - trip summary below.
Passing the twin lights off Cape Ann. That's Tom Coneys
in the foreground.  Tom came aboard in Newport to check
out the PDQ.  He appears to like it!
Those buoys look a lot bigger when you see a guy climbing one!
You can also see the impressive current in the Piscataqua River.
05/26/10 - Sno' Dog back on her mooring at Great Bay Marine in Newington, NH
.Since leaving Jensen Beach 05/01/10:

.  24 days (21 travelling days)
.  1417 n miles (1630 stat miles)
.  118 engine hours
.  Average Speed: 12 knots (14 mph)
.  Fuel Consumed: 549.1 gallons
.  Mileage: 2.6 n mi/gal = 3.0 mpg
.  Total Cost of fuel: $1,435.

. Since buying Sno' Dog  05/15/2006:

.  1,683 engine hours
.  16,790 n mi (18,169 stat miles)
Once again, our Sno' Dog performed
flawlessly.  No problems whatsoever
on this 1500 mile trip.  Besides
checking the fluids a few times, the
only maintenance performed was
replacing one nav light bulb.

We continue to be delighted with the
performance and reliability of our PDQ

What's next?  Guess we'll just have to
wait and see...
We've got a leak!
But not in the boat!
I wish our house was as
reliable as our boat!
We returned home to our house in
Portsmouth to find a messy leak.  Turns
out there was a large crack in the
110-year-old cast iron drain pipe coming
from the upstairs bathroom.  
Unfortunately, the repair required tearing
out a section of the kitchen wall.
Fortunately, I was able to handle it myself.
Mouse-over photo (or click here) to see the
new pipe - pretty exciting, eh?
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