Amazing sunset at Solomons Island.  Red sun at night...
October 2010 - Page 1
Sno' Dog waiting patiently on her mooring in NH.
Madison ignoring a tugboat on Long Island Sound.
Sno' Dog gets a "short haul" at Great Bay Marine.  Bottom cleaning and new zincs, we were back in the water in 30 minutes.
Notice the other PDQ 34 in the background, that's
Gemini formerly owned by Bob Mortenson, now berthed in Portsmouth.
You can also see in the background the colorful fall foliage - which usually means it's time to head South!
.  Log of Sno' Dog - Portsmouth, NH to Jensen Beach, FL - Oct 2010  -  Page 1
Sno' Dog Heads South...
In Buzzards Bay, we made a slight detour outside the
3-mile limit to scatter our mother's ashes - as she had
requested.  She was married in Falmouth, Mass.  near
Woods Hole, so she had a special fondness for this area.
You know you're in Chesapeake Bay when you see
this distinctive lighthouse - off Thomas Point.
7:00 AM Sunday morning as we prepare to depart Great Bay Marina,
the temperature was 34° -  but at least the wind was calm!
Heading out of Great Bay on the Piscataqua
River, an auspicious start to our southbound trip.
10/30/10 - 9:30 AM - Dep Inner Harbor - 36°, chilly!
             10:00 AM - Francis Scott Key Br - wind SW 10
             11:00 AM - Chesapeake Bay Br - SW 10-15
               1:45 PM - Cove Point - not too choppy
               2:30 PM - Arr:
Solomons Island, MD
                             Calvert Marina, used their 25-yr-old
                         Mercedes courtesy car to get groceries
                              T oday:  61.5 n mi -  5.0 eng hrs.
                      A pleasant day on the Bay - high today 58°
Downtown Chesapeake City - very quaint 1850's houses.
10/24/10 - 7:00 AM - Depart Great Bay Marina - calm, 34°
brother Kit aboard,  Heat turned on!
              7:35 AM - New Castle Lt, into Atlantic, seas calm
.              9:25 AM - Cape Ann (Twin Lts), wind NW 10
              1:00 PM - Enter Cape Cod Canal, pos. current
              3:30 PM - Scattered mother's ashes in Buzzards Bay
              4:45 PM -
Arr Newport, RI - Newport Ychtg Ctr.
                  Today: 127.3 n mi. - 9.7 eng hrs - 13.1 kts ave
Click on small photos to view larger.
10/17/10 - We're waiting for some better weather to begin our
southerly migration.  For the past several weeks we've had
lots of high winds and rough seas.  Today's high was 52°
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10/23/10 - Finally, after a week of windy weather, calm
winds are forecast for the next couple days.  We loaded up
and spent the night aboard so we could get an early start.
Kit taking a picture of the twin lights off Cape Ann.
He's doing it from inside because it's COLD outside!
10/25/10 - 7:15 AM - Dep Newport, thick FOG, wind SW 10
               8:15 AM - Pt Judith - under 1/4 mi. visibility
               9:20 AM - Watch Hill, RI.- Fog, 55°
               1:30 PM -  Arr:
Stratford, CT - Brewer's Marina
                    Today: 81.8 n mi. - 6.3 eng hrs - 13.0 kts ave.
Filled fuel tanks:  96.5 gal
              (Nancy & Madison met us by car, Kit drove home)
10/26/10 - 9:30 AM - Dep Brewer's Marina - 65°, wind SW 10
             11:20 AM - under Throgs Neck Br, calm seas
             11:50 AM - thru Hell's Gate, negative current
             12:30 PM - passing Lady Liberty - fair, 72°!
               2:55 PM - under Verrazano Narrows Bridge
               1:00 PM - Sandy Hook - wind S 15-20, rough!
               3:45 PM - enter Manasquan Inlet, phew!
               4:00 PM - docked in
Brielle, NJ - Brielle YC.
                            Today:  85.8 n mi. -  7.8 eng hrs.
           Very warm & scenic thru NYC, but rough off NJ
          Good dinner at the
Sand Bar Restaurant at the BYC
10/27/10 - 9:30 AM - Dep Brielle - RAIN, 68°, wind SSW 20
             headed inland through Manasquan Canal to NJ ICW
             into Barnegat Bay - choppy (wind on the nose)
             Lowered mast and Bimini frame to minimize height
             12:30 PM - under old ICW (fixed br) to Lng Bch I.
               2:30 PM - Atlantic City (inlet looks rough!)
               4:15 PM - Arr:
Ocean City, NJ - tied to dock
                              just before big squall came through
                                Today: 58.8 n mi  -  6.7 eng hrs
Departing Newport harbor on Monday - this is all we saw!
The visibility picked up a bit as we passed Pt. Judith.
Nancy & Madison enjoying a peaceful passage
through Hell Gate Bridge, NYC skyline appearing.
A boat's eye view of the impressive Manhattan skyline.
Lady Liberty...  click to see large crowd at base.
Nancy & Madison in their seasick position(s) for
the Atlantic Ocean passage from Sandy Hook to
the Manasquan Inlet.  
Will we make it under this bridge?  If you click on the photo, you'll
see the gauge shows just over 12-ft clearance.  We made it!
Another low bridge on the NJ - ICW.  We made it
under this one too.  We could have requested an
opening, but it was more fun to try to squeeze under.
Sno' Dog looking quite racy in her low clearance mode.  
Here, we are docked in Ocean City, NJ having just
endured a heavy rain squall.
10/28/10 - 8:45 AM - Dep Ocean Cty - 65°, wind WSW 10
                continued down the NJ Intracoastal Waterway
             11:30 AM - passing thru Cape May, NJ
             11:45 AM - enter Delaware Bay - wind WNW 10
               2:50 PM - enter C & D Canal - fair,
               3:45 PM - Arr: Chesapeake City, MD
                            Free Municipal dock!  Cute town.
                            Today: 82.4 n mi  -  7.0 eng hrs
                  Very pleasant cruise today, warm & sunny.
10/29/10 - 11:00 AM - Dep Chesapeake City - 52°, NNW 20
               11:45 AM - off Turkey Pt - NNW 25 kts, rough!
                 2:45 PM - Arr:
Baltimore, MD - Inner Hrbr.
Filled Fuel tanks: 123.5 gal (5.3 gal/hr)
                          Today: 42.0 n mi  -  3.8 eng hrs
                       Walked to Federal Hill District - windy 55°
Exc.dinner at
Edo-Sushi Restaurant, Cheescake Factory dessert
Docked at the Free Chesapeake City Town Dock.
Not sure what you do when you see a buoy like this?  I don't
think it's listed in
Chapman's!  It was near the Francis Scott Key
Bridge, so maybe you're supposed to sing the
National Anthem!
Now here's a view of a freighter most of us would rather not see!  
Somehow, we escaped alive.  Photographed at the entrance to
Inner Harbor - with telephoto lens.
.       NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE & MD
.  EIGHT states in FIVE days, not too shabby!
Click to view larger.
10/31/10 - 7:00 AM - U R kidding! It's still dark here at 7 AM!
             10:15 AM - Dep Solomons - 52°, wind NW 10
             11:15 AM - Point No Point (missed the point)
             11:45 AM - Pt. Lookout, Potomac R. WNW 15
             12:30 PM - Smith Pt - spotted 2 pelicans!
               2:00 PM - Arr:
Deltaville, VA - Dozier's Marina
                              Today: 48.7 n mi.  -  3.8 eng hrs.
              Another pleasant day - but nicer at the inside helm
Calvert's Marina in Solomons Island, MD seems to be the a
favorite hangout for Kadey Krogen Trawlers.  
Sno' Dog was
surrounded by no less than seven of them!
.   As of Sunday morning, we have been travelling one week.  From Great Bay Marina in New Hampshire
.   we had travelled 540 nautical miles - just over one-third the way to Jensen Beach, Florida.  Our engine
.   time was 46.4 hrs, giving us an average speed of 11.6 knots.  Our average run was 77 n mi/day.
.  Guess it's time me to start a new page:  October 2010 - Page 2   (is now available)
.   Overall, considering the weather, we did well this week.  The roughest part of the trip was the two-and-a-
.  half-hour run offshore against 15-20 kt winds from Sandy Hook down to the Manasquan Inlet.  But this
.  minor discomfort really paid off.  Once inside at Manasquan, we were able to stay inside all the down the
.  New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway to Cape May - and thus avoid the 6-8' seas and strong southerly winds
.  that lasted for the next couple days.  We sure love our 2-1/2-foot draft!
.  Incidentally, the inside run from Manasquan to Cape May proved easy and uneventful.  It appears that there
.  have been some major improvements in the markers since the last time we did this.  I don't think we ever
.  saw depths less than 5 feet, so in actuality many boats could do it - especially if they worked the tide a bit.
.  For us, it was really quite an enjoyable respite from the bumpiness of the open Atlantic.
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