A Merry Florida Christmas...
Jensen Beach - December 2011
Our Jensen Beach neighbors put on a good light show this year!  This is Turtle Beach, the Hutchinson Island home of Robert Eustace, a software
engineer who did well when he sold some of his ideas to Google.  This is merely a portion of his 25-million-dollar oceanfront home.
Here's the full panorama...
This is the largest home in Martin County.  The main house encompasses 50,000 square feet, while the guest house (to the left of the tree) is another
10,000 sq-ft.  Supposedly, the structures can withstand 200 mph winds!  Under the main house is an air-conditioned, 22-car garage - which houses at least
two Rolls Royces, I've seen them parked in the driveway.
If you're interested in what's inside this grandiose mansion, Click Here for a video tour
produced by the architect/builder. It's really
over-the-top - this guy had money to burn!
And, in case you're wondering what this place looks like in the daytime...
"Turtle Beach" at 4545 Ocean Avenue (A1A) on Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach, Florida - our alternate home!
Click on photos to view larger image...
And, if you're wondering what's happened to the Sno' Dog ...
Here she is back in her slip at Nettles Island Marina in Jensen Beach with Christmas lights ablaze.
               (She spent the summer on the hard at Riverforest Marina in Stuart, FL.)
A Boatload of Presents!  This the Nettles Island Yacht Club "float"
for the annual Christmas Parade.  
Sno' Dog - in the background -
doing her best to get into the action.
The Nettles Island Christmas Parade getting underway.  In front:
Dolores Salvato, President of the K-9 Club with her dog, Riley.
Click on photos to view larger image...
Happy Holidays!
from Henry, Nancy, Madison & Benie - and the Sno' Dog
Mouseover for a Riley close-up...
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