February 2011 - Page 1
We set off on our Winter Cruise
Jupiter, the first stop on our southbound Winter cruise.  That's the Jupiter Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean in the background.
Docked at the Seasport Marina in Jupiter.
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.   Charleston, SC to Jensen Beach, FL
Once again, we're headed south - possibly to the
Bahamas.  Will we make it this time?
Sunset over the Port of Palm Beach, from anchorage near Lk Worth Inlet.
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.   A short sojourn to the French West Indies
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Stay tuned...
02/08/11 - 3:00 PM - Dep Nettles Island Marina
               5:30 PM - Arr Jupiter - Seasport Dock
                              Today: 21.0 n mi  -  2.7 eng hrs
02/09/11 - 11:15 AM - Dep Jupiter
               1:00 PM - N. Palm Bch -
Filled Fuel Tanks
               1:30 PM - Docked at Peanut I. St. Park
               5:30 PM - Relocated to anchorage just
Lake Worth Inlet
                              Today: 11.4 n mi  -  2.4 eng hrs
02/10/11 - 6:00 AM - Woke up early, ready for
              Gulf Stream crossing, but wind was
              S 15-20 with
Small Craft Advisory.
                          Went back to bed!
             10:30 AM - Headed out inlet, for a
             trial run, but turned back, 2 rough!
             (wind SSW 15-20, seas 4-5 ft)
             Anchored on the N side of Peanut I.
Riviera Beach, FL
                    Today:  2.5 n mi  -  0.6 eng hrs
02/11/11 - 6:50 AM - Anchor up!  Dep Riviera Beach, FL
              7:00 AM - out Lk Worth Inlet into the Atlantic O.
              8:00 AM - enter Gulf Stream, water temp 78°
            11:00 AM - abeam Memory Rock, we made it!
              2:15 PM - passing Great Sale Cay, wind NW 15
              4:30 PM - Arr Alans-Pensacola Cay anchorage
              5:00 PM - Dep - too rough, anchor not holding
              5:30 PM - Arr
Spanish Cay Marina, BAHAMAS!
                             Today: 137.0 n mi ! -  10.8 eng hrs
Heading out Lake Worth Inlet at first light - Bahamas bound!
02/12/11 - 8:30 AM - Cleared Customs at Spanish Cay, we're official now!
              11:15 AM - Dep Spanish Cay, wind N 15
                1:30 PM - Arr:
Green Turtle Cay
                             Today: 13.8 n mi  -  2.4 eng hrs
We made it!
.              Even on a cloudy day, it's beautiful in the Bahamas!
This was taken just after reaching the "banks" near Memory Rock.
All in all, an excellent crossing!  The wind was
from the northwest, but less than 10 kts until we got
over to the banks.  It picked up a bit after that, but
still it was on the quarter all the way.  Tomorrow's
forecast showed wind N at 15-20, so we decided to
keep going while the going was good.
02/13/11 -  Excellent dinner last night at the Green Turtle Club
              (our first meal out since departing on this cruise.)
February Special here gives you credit at the
              restaurant for the amount you spend on dockage.
Stayed here today.  Rode bikes into New Plymouth.
              Wind N 15 kts, Sunny, 75°
Crossing the Stream.  The water is dark blue - and warm!
If you click on this photo of our chart plotter, you'll see we're  
18.5 miles into our crossing, depth is 1712 feet, and our speed
over the ground is 15.1 kts.  Our course over the ground is 72
but our heading was over 90
°.  We're crabbing about 18° to
starboard against the northerly flow of the Gulf Stream.
(We started off headed for West End - visible at the top of the
screen - but then we altered course for Memory Rock.)
Our Bahamas courtesy flag.
Downtown New Plymouth, a 3-mile bike ride fr the GT Club.
Green Turtle Beach - 1/2 mi fr GT Club.  Life here is tough!
This sign says: "Welcome to our Beautiful
02/14/11 - Rode into town, got fresh bread & Valentine muffin
              11:15 AM - Dep Green Turtle Club, White Sound
              11:30 AM - detoured into Black Sound, saw PDQ "Lucky Duck"
              12:50 PM - Passing Don't Rock - even at low tide, we got thru
                1:30 PM - Anchored in
Baker's Bay, off Great Guana Cay
                               Today: 12.6 n mi  -  2.4 eng hrs
                               Very pleasant, sunny 75°, wind NNE 10
      We are surprised to find cell phone AND wireless Internet service here,
              things have certainly changed in the Bahamas in the last 10 years!
02/15/11 - Contacted Paul & Ann Gooding on Horizons,
              they invited us to join the Hope Town Sailing
              Club Cruise to Treasure Cay - starting today.
              1:00 PM - Anchor up at Baker's Bay
              2:30 PM - Arr
Treasure Cay Marina
                              Today: 9.8 n mi  -  1.8 eng hrs
 Dock Party with HT Sailing Club, 8 boats, grt sunset!
We passed close to "Don't Rock" - thus avoiding
the  outside passage around Whale Cay.
Sunset at our peaceful anchorage at Baker's Bay
Scroll down for BAHAMAS pics...
Cruising in the Sea of Abaco - en route to Treasure
Cay.                          We never tire of this amazing color!
Sunset at the Treasure Cay Marina - a high class hang-out.
Click on small photos to view larger...
02/16/11 - Hanging out at Treasure Cay
              Big Dinner tonight with the Sailing Club
              Wind today: ENE 15-20, glad we're in port!
02/17/11 - 12:30 PM - Dep Treasure Cay, wind E 12
               2:30 PM - passing Man o' War Cay
               3:00 PM - Arr
Hope Town (Elbow Cay)
                              Today: 19.9 n mi  -  2.6 eng hrs
              Moored next to
Horizons in Hope Town Hrbr.
.  Click her to see our last trip to the
.              BAHAMAS 2008
Paul & Ann Gooding (and friends) aboard their pretty PDQ "Horizons"
Cruising the Sea of Abaco.  We never tire of this color
- but you might, if I keep posting these photos!
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