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Cruising the Abacos
Cruising the Abacos
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.         Heading for the BAHAMAS...
Cruising in the Sea of Abaco -  sometimes hard to believe this color is real!
02/17/11 - 12:30 PM - Dep Treasure Cay, wind E 12
               2:30 PM - passing Man o' War Cay
               3:00 PM - Arr
Hope Town (Elbow Cay)
                             Today: 19.9 n mi  -  2.6 eng hrs
           Moored next to
Horizons in Hope Town Hrbr.
02/18/11 - Stayed in Hope Town - Dinghied in and
             walked around town.  Very cute town.
Full Moon rising over Hope Town.  This photo is a two-second
exposure taken from our anchored boat!  Good stabilization, eh?
A sailboat following the suggested approach into Hope Town which
is to line up with this cement road which dead-ends at the water.
Queen Nancy following her highway into Hope Town!
The mural on the side of Vernon's Grocery in
Hope Town.  Mouse-over to read the sign.
Mouse-over for close-up...
View of Hope Town harbor from the top of the Lighthouse.
Those pink cottages in the center of the photo are for sale,
asking price: $2.15 million.  
Click here for the listing.
Nancy making an early morning appearance at
our Hope Town mooring.
Nancy walking on "Tahiti Beach" at low tide.
The "Queen's Highway" on Elbow Cay - a spectacular drive!
02/19/11 - Stayed again in Hope Town - gorgeous day!
             Drove the Queen's Highway in a golf cart.
             Fresh-caught red snapper aboard
Sno' Dog
             with the Paul & Ann Gooding.
mouse-over for another shot
Sno' Dog cruising in the Sea of Abaco - photos by Ann Gooding
Another shot of Sno' Dog taken by the Goodings as we
cruised together back from Treasure Cay to Hope Town
Lots of PDQ 34's here.  Docked over at Boat
Harbour Marina here in Marsh Harbour are:
(John & Diane Cummings),
Teamwork (Roger &
Mary Comer) and
TK III.  Rumor is that Duetto may
be for sale - along with
Horizons. If you want a PDQ,
                            this may be the time to act!
mouse over for
another image...
The Goodings waving from Horizons as we depart Hope Town.
02/21/11 - 11:30 AM - Dep Marsh Harbour - wind E 10
               1:00 PM - Arr Sunset Bay,
Great Guana Cay
                               Dive Guana Mooring
                                Today: 8.3 n mi  -  1.5 eng hrs
02/22/11 - 9:30 AM - Dep Great Guana Cay
            10:15 AM - through Whale Cay passage
            11:15 AM - Arr:
Green Turtle Cay
                             Green Turtle Club - good food!
                             Today: 13.8 n mi  -  1.8 eng hrs
Sunset at the Harbour View Marina in Marsh Harbour.
The infamous Whale Cay Passage.  Mouse over to see the view from inside.
02/20/11 - 10:00 AM - Dep Hope Town, Elbow Cay
             11:30 AM - Arr
Marsh Harbour, Grt Abaco
Filled fuel tanks - 86.2 gal = 3.6 gal/hr
              Docked at Harbour View Marina - very posh
.                         Today: 7.3 n mi  -  1.5 eng hrs
Henry - getting ready to go change a prop zinc!
At GTC, we rode our bikes over to ocean beach.
A rare photo of Nancy in a swim suite!  (At GTC ocean beach.)
A small squall passed by as the winds shifted north.
02/23/11 - 10:00 AM - Dep Green Turtle Cay - wind W 10
             11:50 AM - psg. "Centre of the World Rock"
               1:50 PM - psg. Little Sale Cay - wind N 15
               2:30 PM - Arr:
Great Sale Cay anchorage
Today: 55. 1 n mi  -  4.6 eng hrs
Sunset at our Great Sale Cay anchorage.  A peaceful spot.
02/24/11 - 9:00 AM - Anchor up at Great Sale, wind E-10
           10:35 AM - psg. inside Mangove Cay, wind E-15
           10:50 AM - psg. "Crishy Swash" (love that name)
           12:00 noon - Arr N end Grand Lucayan Wtrwy
             1:00 PM - thru the Waterway, wind ESE 20
             1:30 PM - into the Bell Chnl, out of the chop
             1:45 PM - Arr:  
Freeport, Grand Bahama
                            Port Lucaya Marina, very scenic
So scenic, I had to start
another page to post all the pics!
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