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February 2011                                                                       Page 3
The "Grand Lucayan Waterway" - and beyond...
Transiting the Grand Lucayan Waterway from the Abacos to Freeport, Grand Bahama.   I've always wanted to do this!
02/24/11 - 9:00 AM - Anchor up at Great Sale, wind E-10
            10:35 AM - psg. inside Mangove Cay, wind E-15
            10:50 AM - psg. "Crishy Swash" (love that name)
            12:00 noon - Arr N end Grand Lucayan Wtrwy
              1:00 PM - thru the Waterway, wind ESE 20
              1:30 PM - into the Bell Chnl, out of the chop
              1:45 PM - Arr:  
Freeport, Grand Bahama
                             Port Lucaya Marina, very scenic
A narrow spot along the Grand Lucayan Waterway.
Way back when we cruised the Bahamas in our 33-ft
motorsailer, I wished we could take the "short-cut" from
Freeport to the Abacos known as the
Grand Lucayan
, but a 27-ft fixed bridge barred our passage.
The Grand Lucayan Waterway
was built back in the 1960's at a
cost of 25 million dollars but
sadly it never achieved its goal
of opening up the interior of the
island and providing a direct
route from Florida to the
Abacos.  It is largely deserted -
we did not pass a single boat
during our transit! Very strange.
The 27-ft fixed bridge on the Grand Lucayan Waterway.  Also, a pretty S. African powercat.
The skeleton of an abandoned hotel along the Waterway.
Docked at the colorful Port Lucaya Marina.  (Mouse over)
The Freeport/Lucaya area certainly stands in sharp
contrast to the out-islands of the Abacos, but all the
colors and activity are fun for a change. It does seem
strange that this is all many tourists see when they visit
the Bahamas.
The colorful Port Lucaya Marketplace & Italian restaurant.
(Mouse over for roadside view of the Marketplace entrance.)
Another touristy (but colorful) store featuring "Gully Washes"
Sno' Dog in downtown Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama.  
Note the fake lighthouse in the background!
Nancy checking out the grounds of the Radisson at Our Lucaya...
Another touristy (but colorful) store featuring "Gully Washes"
Heading out the Bell Channel into the calm Atlantic Ocean.
Click on photos to view larger image...
02/25/11 - Stayed in Port Lucaya/Freeport another day
              Breakfast at
Le Med overlooking the bay
              Exc. fruit crepes and perfect scrambled eggs!
              A pretty place to hang out...  
              Very good scenery here!
While Henry was checking out Bikini Beach next door!
Mouse over...
02/26/11 - 8:20 AM - Dep Port Lucaya Marina - wind S 5
             8:30 AM - out Bell Channel into the Atlantic
             9:00 AM - psg. Freeport Commercial Harbour
            12:00 noon - into the Gulf Steam, wtr temp 80°
             3:15 PM - Ft. Lauderdale
(Port Everglades) Inlet
             3:30 PM - Arr Ft Lauderdale - Lauderdale Mar.
                             Filled Fuel Tanks: 98.8 gal
                               Today: 85.3 n mi  -  7.2 eng hrs
                             Excellent Gulf Stream crossing!
                             Cleared Customs at Port Everglades.
Amazing dark blue color and calm water crossing the Gulf Stream.
Back in the good ol' USA, as we
entered Port Everglades, we were
greeted by no less than
eight huge
cruise ships - the largest of which
was the
Oasis of the Seas.  This
remarkable ship was built in Turku,
Finland and it cleared the bridge
between Denmark & Sweden by a
mere 2 feet!  This monster is 1200
feet long (4 football fields) and can
carry 6000 passengers!
Mouse over for another image...
The remarkably huge Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas docked in Port Everglades.
02/27/11 - Headed south on the ICW to N. Miami Beach
             Met up with daughter Charlotte, her husband
             and two daughters, Lucy & Georgia.  They were
             here for a Yoga convention at the Kovens Center.
             We anchored nearby - close to Haulover State Park,
North Miami Beach, FL   9.5 n mi  -  1.6 eng hrs
02/28/11 - Stayed in North Miami Beach
             Took kids to the Miami Zoo
             Dinner at excellent mid-east restaurant "Kabobji"
03/01/11 - 10:00 AM - Dep Haulover Park Marina,
N. Miami
              11:45 AM - Ft. Lauderdale - under low bridges...
              (We lowered the mast to squeeze under 15' brgs.)
Henry's grandchildren Lucy (4) & Georgia (3) aboard Sno' Dog.
Several bridges north of Ft. Lauderdale have listed clearances
of 15 ft.   Instead of waiting for the 30-min opening schedule,
we squeezed under - sometimes with only inches to spare!
Here I am looking back instead of forward as Nancy snaps a
photo.  (Mouse over, or click on the photo, to see the next shot.)
03/01/11 - cont'd - 1:00 PM - Psg. Hillsborough Inlet
             5:15 PM - Arr:
Riviera Beach, FL
             Met Nancy's sister Gail & husband for dinner at
         the surprisingly good
Tiki Restaurant at the marina.
                            Today: 45.5 n mi. -  8.2 eng hrs
03/02/11 - 10:00 AM - Dep Riviera Beach - wind NE 15
               1:30 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach, FL
                back to our home base, Nettles Island Marina
                             Today: 31.6 n mi  -  3.8 hrs
I love this waterfront house complete with dock on Jupiter Island.
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