Guadeloupe 2011  -  Page 2
.    We found this, "Les châteaux" at the far eastern end of the island.  The cross marks the spot Columbus first spotted land.
On the map, we saw a place called "Les châteaux" at
the far eastern end of the island.  When we drove out
there, we expected to find some big buildings.  Instead,
we found a beautiful ocean panorama with great castles
of rock sticking out of the ocean.
The cross on the top of the hill commemorates the 1492 Columbus sighting.
A pretty harbor over on the island of Basse-Terre.
A beautiful spot - but not good boating or swimming here.
Basse-Terre is the volcanic part of Guadeloupe, the roads over
here are pretty incredible!  We're very glad we had a small car.
Only a few miles from the coast, the rainforest begins!
Pretty rainforest stream.  If you click on the photo,
you can see the same image in Nancy's camera.
We were amazed that our little Garmin Nuvi worked flawlessly
in Guadeloupe.  As you can see, the roads were very twisty!
A portion of the Chutes du Carbet - supposedly spotted by Columbus and causing
him to land nearby - because he realized there'd be plenty of fresh water here.
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Walking in the rainforest.  Notice above the overhead
canopy walkway.  I tried it, but Nancy didn't.
Here in the mountains, the temp was 72°, but people still swam.
The view from the canopy walkway at Parc des Mamelles.
Sailboats on the Beach at Sainte Anne.
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A view of Les Saintes from the southern tip of Basse-Terre.  Supposedly,
some scenes from the
Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed down there.
On the Beach at Sainte Anne, mountains of Basse-Terre visible in the distance.
Chez Dou Dou, a favorite spot on the Sainte Anne beach.
Nancy peeking under the plastic bags at the banana plantation.
Breakfast with the animals on our last day in Guadeloupe.