Guadeloupe 2011  -  Page 3
.                             A  SHARK  at the Aquarium in Le Gosier - a short drive from our Sainte Anne apartment.
For Christmas, I gave Nancy a new camera, a Sony
CyberShot 7.2.  This remarkable little pocket camera
not only has spot focusing but also auto-stabilization.  
We were impressed with the pics we got at the
Aquarium - no need for snorkeling or scuba diving here!
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Fish looking at NANCY and vice-versa.
These are nasty PIRANHAS !
I think this is a TARPON.
You can probably figure this out without a caption...
Restaurant + Bar  located somewhere "between the sky and the sea".  The little island with
the lighthouse is the Ilet du Gosier.  Le Gosier is the next town down the coast from Ste. Anne.