.      Evening comes to Nérac.  This was the view from our restaurant across the Baïse from our mooring in downtown Nérac.
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13 July - 11:30 AM - Dep Lavardac, 70°, light mist
.               1:45 PM - Arr: Nérac - tied up on wall.
                    Exceptionally pretty town!
                    Dinner at
Auberge du Vieux Pont.
                    (See photos above and right.)
A tavern (in Nérac)  with my name on it!
14 July - Bastille Day - big fireworks here tonight,
            boats must move from downtown docks.
            Walked old town in AM, then...
         12:15 PM - Dep Nérac, p cldy, 75° - perfect!
           4:00 PM - Arr:
                         5 locks, 10 miles, v. pretty.
Dinner at the Auberge du Vieux Pont in Nérac.
View of Nérac from the Pont Neuf.  Accord (just barely) visible on left.
Nancy made me take this photo!   (in Nérac)
Nancy awaiting my arrival at a lock on the Baïse.
15 July - 10:30 AM - Dep:  Moncrabeau, fair, 74°
.              12:30 PM - Arr: Condom, docked at PdP
                             only 3 locks today, 7 mi.
               But, some very narrow sections - see photos
                             big town, all amenities -
               incl. condom dispensers on sidewalk!
Along the banks of the Baïse in Moncrabeau.
The village of Moncrabeau is famous for its "Academy of
Liars".  You can make the
Circuit des Menteurs (Liars Tour) and
see funny signs like the one on the right.  If you click on the photo
you can see it says (in French):
"Fly Fishing Prohibited. Whistle
three times!!! The fish will arrive via elevator.
"  It's all very silly as
the sign is on a hill about a quarter mile away from the river -
where, if you look closely, you can actually see that famous
yellow boat peeking through the branches - no lie!
The arrow points to the right, but the channel over there is
very narrow - as you can see.
Narrow seems to be the theme here.  This is a bridge just
before Condom.  The
Amarok/Accord just fits!
Even the streets are narrow.  If you look
closely, you can see Nancy keeping a
thin profile as the traffic passes.
The Cathédrale St. Pierre in Condom.  One of the prettiest we've seen.
From Condom, it's only another 10 km up
to Valence-sur-Baïse which is as far as you
can go.  The woman at the
Capitainerie in
Condom thought our boat might be too big
to make it up there, but that sounded like a
challenge to us - so off we went...
16 July - After Nancy went to the Marché
, we departed Condom at:
           11:00 AM - fair - 78°
            1:15 PM - Arr:
            We made it w/o incident to the
        headwaters of the Baïse. Another wild
        and scenic cruise on this lovely river.
Cruising upriver on the Baïse
Somehow, we made it through here in the Accord!
17 July - Valence-sur-Baïse - Since leaving Moissac on July 7th
we have travelled 130 km (80 mi) and we've been through 37 locks.
The trip up the Baïse has been delightful, many wild
sections reminiscent of the Bogart
African Queen trip -
but fortunately, no waterfalls! The locks, although a
snug fit for our boat (we've got about 3 inches on each
side) have been easy.  Except for one, they're all
operated automatically by key-card.  We've never
bothered to use more than one line, our heavy boat
rides well - even in the sometimes-turbulent up-locks.
The sign on the bridge just past the Port de Plaisance in
Valence-sur-Baïse.  If you click on the photo, you'll see it
says (in French) "End of Navigation".
So far, it has been a great trip!  We love this boat, it is
remarkably comfortable - better than
Sno' Dog.  All the
amenities function flawlessly and there's enough
battery power to go for days without shore power, if
necessary.  We are definitely not suffering!
Finally, for the record, we should note that we have
been able to find
FRESH BREAD within walking
distance of the boat
every single day since arriving in
France on July 1.
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