.                    Nancy took this photo as she walked between locks - on the Canal de Garonne near Buzet-sur-Baïse.
July 2011 - Page 6
Cruising on the Canal de Garonne
If, and when, we ever decide to sell this boat, we will certainly have plenty of photos of her - unlike the previous owners.
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.      The beginning of our July Cruise
24 July - 11:00 AM - Dep Buzet-sur-Baïse
           11:45 AM - cross Baïse viaduct
            3 :00 PM - Arr:
                            tied on wall, free elect & H2O

25 July - yet another rainy day.  The last week has been
      unusually wet (and cool) for this time of year here.
                       Stayed in
Coming back up, the Garonne locks are a bit more
turbulent.  But we found it very easy using our one-rope
technique.  Nancy is actually off the boat (taking photos) and
I'm just standing there.  With one line from the bow, we put
the rudder hard over and leave the engine in gear and let the
boat ride up all by herself.  No line handling required.
Winnie Eakins aboard Ave Sol II feeding the ducks.
26 July - 10:00 AM - Dep Sérignac-sur-Garonne
           12:15 PM - cross Garonne viaduct
           12:30 PM - Arr:
Agen, at Locaboat docks
                     Yet another rainy day on the Garonne,
                     but fortunately the rain held off for
                     the 4-lock flight into Agen.
                     Walked into town between raindrops,
                     found excellent hardware store here.
Crossing the long viaduct over the river Garonne just before arriving in Agen.  Agen is the prune capital of France!
A rainy day on the Canal de Garonne.
The harbor at Agen is very pretty at night.  (The rain let up just long enough for me to get out and take this photo).
27 July - 11:15 AM - Dep Agen - cldy 70°
          12:00 noon - stopped in
Boé, walked to Leclerc
            5:30 PM - Arr:
                           tied up next to Canadian barge Thetis

28 July - Rode bikes 6 km to perched village of Auvillar
                 very scenic, worth the climb at the end!
            1:00 PM - Dep Valence-d'Agen
            2:15 PM - stopped at
Malause for lunch
            4:45 PM - Arr:
Moissac - back to our home port
The last half-km up into Auvillar was a push,
but it was well worth the ride.
Nancy patting a cat in front of a very pretty
Petit Auberge in Auvillar.
Dinner on the aft deck back in Moissac.  Finally,
the sunshine has returned!
An amazing month in France!  We moved aboard July 1st,
departed Moissac on July 7th. Travelled
21 days, covered
190 miles (315 km), went through about 80 locks. Our
daily average was a mere
9 miles/day - very civilized!
It took only 120 liters to fill the diesel tank. Our total
engine time was
63.5 hours meaning our consumption was
less than
2 liters/hour or about a half a gallon per hour.
Pretty amazing for 35-ton vessel!
Dick & Carol Tuschick arrived on July 30th to
begin their month aboard the
Accord. We
overlapped a couple days.  Using their rental car,
we took a day-trip to Bordeaux.  A fun trip and a
gorgeous city!
Carol, Dick and Nancy ready to head out to the
open-air market Sunday morning in Moissac.
In Bordeaux, the modern, wireless electric trams stand
out in stark contrast to the centuries old monuments.
Bordeaux was way ahead of its time with straight streets
and city planning dating back to the 12th century. Now they
allow only pedestrian traffic on many downtown streets.
Carol and Dick enjoying the sights of Bordeaux.
Carol and Dick graciously arose before sunrise on our last day
in Moissac to see us off.  With her guest cabin and two heads, the
four of us were very comfortable aboard the good ship
And so concludes our log of the Accord -
for now.  Our fourth partners, Harvey and
Sue Griggs will be coming to France at the
end of August, and Nancy and I plan to
return for another stint in late
September/October. Stay tuned...
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.      MAP of the Waterways of France
.     including a Map of our 2011 Route
To replace the KYC burgee we've been
using this summer, I designed this new
Accord Partnership Burgee.   The other
partners have yet to agree on it though,
the design contest remains open...
Accord Partnership Burgee
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