Our latest exploit!  Having just purchased a quarter-share of a 55-ft Dutch Replica Barge*, we're looking
.   forward to beginning our next adventure - starting July 1st  aboard the Accord  in southern France!
Canal Barging in France
Canal Barging in France
In preparation for barge ownership in France, I
signed up for a 2-day Barge Handling Course given by
Tam & Di Murrell  aboard their Dutch barge
"Friesland".  By the end of the course, we were
successfully maneuvering, locking and docking this
80-foot, 75-ton vessel with aplomb.  It was great fun!
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In the Friesland wheelhouse, one student steers while
another makes coffee.  Instructor, Tam keeps watch.
The training barge Friesland at the quai in Cambrai, France
My RYA Inland Waters Helmsman's Certificate.  Yeah!
We also learned proper passing technique.  Notice the poor
visibility from the pilothouse of this unloaded barge.
Page 1
Nancy & I plan to start our cruise aboard the Accord
on July 1, 2011.  We'll be cruising the
Canal de Garonne
(western portion of the
Canal du Midi) starting out from
our base in the town of
Moissac in southern France.
Stay tuned...
.*Our new boat, formerly the Amarok, now
. the Accord, is a 2006, Nivernais model
. Dutch Style Barge built by Piper Boats Ltd
. of Stoke-on-Trent, UK.  You can view an
. article about this boat, which was originally
. built by company owner, Simon Piper, for
. his own use, by clicking here.
Click on photos to view larger...
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In the mean time, here's an image of what we think
cruising aboard the
Accord might look like...
Here's a "photo" of Nancy & me cruising happily on the Canal de
Garonne.  If you
click on the photo and look carefully, you'll see
that's Nancy on the bow, me at the helm and our new
KYC burgee
flying from the bow.  Hopefully, it'll look like this when we get there!
.           We made it to France!
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.  The start of our cruise aboard the Accord
.       Map of the Waterways of France
Note: This photo is actually of the original Lagom with the new name added using Photoshop.
(Another bit of Photoshop work by HMC.)