May 2011 - Sno' Dog (not) Heading North
Sno' Dog comes out of the water for the summer storage at River Forest Yachting Center in Stuart, Florida
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May 12, 2011 - Normally, by now we would be
somewhere in South Carolina headed north on the ICW.
But we decided to forego our annual northbound trip this
year and leave
Sno' Dog in Florida for the summer.
Aside from the fact that diesel prices have jumped to
$4.25 per gallon, the main reason for our decision was
the last-minute coming together of our
European Canal
Boat Partnership.  It now appears that Nancy & I are the
proud owners of 1/4 of a 55-ft Dutch Replica Barge
which is presently located in the south of France.
We are looking forward to spending the month of July
aboard our (newly named)
ACCORD cruising the Canal
du Midi.
Sno' Dog resting comfortably on the grass at River Forest.
Here's "our boat" with named changed and railing dodgers and a bright yellow umbrella added (using Photoshop).
Another photo of "ACCORD" underway.  At this speed, her efficient Dutch luxmotor hull leaves almost no wake.
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