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.                      Toulouse
The Canal du Midi is famous for its oval locks.  (Note line in mid-toss.)
After a couple of days in Toulouse, we decided
to head a bit further East along the
Canal du
.  As you can see in the photo above, there
are some very pretty stretches along here.  We
went as far as the first oval lock, typical of many
of the Midi locks.  Boaters complain about them,
but as long as you've got fenders near each end
of your boat, there's really no problem.
On the Canal du Midi near Toulouse we passed "Effie", a sister
ship to
Amarok/Accord.  Like us, she will be wintering in Moissac.
We also passed this out-sized craft, the "Buddha Boat" which offered
Yoga classes, etc.  (Note the"normal sized" boats in background.)
We passed this Euroclassic 129 "Vidal" which was
headed for Buzet-sur-Baïse for the winter.  This
boat is a sister ship to
Carol and Chocolat, boats that
we considered before choosing our
Fortunately, there are no rules here about hanging
out your laundry as there are in some US marinas.  
This colorful display occurred in downtown Toulouse!
Wed October 5 - 11 AM - Dep PdP Toulouse
                  12:30 PM - Jct with Canal de Garonne
                   2:30 PM - stopped for lunch at Ecl #5
                   3:45 PM - Arr:
Saint-Jory, tied on wall
                    Found 2
boulangeries & a chocolatier!
October 6 - Another warm sunny day!
                10:30 AM - Dep Saint-Jory
                11:30 AM - Ecl #9
En Panne, had to wait
                              for VNF guy to fix the problem
                 2:30 PM - Arr:
Montech, slip at PdP
                   Rode bikes along the
Canal de Montech
                to check out tomorrow's cruise.
As always, the photos can be viewed larger by clicking on them...
The Port de l'Embouchure in Toulouse where the Canal de Garonne (left) meets the Canal du Midi
(center).           The tunnel to the right leads into the
Canal de Brienne which goes down to the Garonne
      There are no signs here, so this is one place you really need a map to figure out where to go!
This guy appears to be single-handing, good-naturedly down
Canal de Deux Mers toward the Med.
Sign in a Pharmacie window in St. Jory. It says "All the
power of nature encounters your hair"  Doesn't look too
natural to me!  Also, notice the condom machine to left.
A blue barge with my name on it in Montech.
The junction of the Canal de Montech (which leads to Montauban)
and the
Pente d'Eau which by-passes 5 locks on the Canal de Garonne.
Note the fall color which is starting to appear - click to view larger.
This is how the VNF keeps the canals dredged out.
On the Canal de Montech, the pretty home of hotel barge St. Louis.
October 7 - Sunny 65º, wind NW 15
               10:45 AM - dep
Montech headed West
               10:50 AM - turned into
Cnl de Montech
                 2:15 PM - Arr: Montauban - PdP
 10 km, 9 locks - but easy with
la télécommande
 (the little remote control you get at the 1st lock.)
The Port de Plaisance in Montauban at the end of the Canal de Montech now has an active LeBoat base.
This is one of the old locks on the River Tarn just downstream of
the junction with the Canal de Montech.  There is talk of
restoring this lock to allow travel to downtown Montauban and
beyond.  Originally, the Tarn was navigable all the way from its
junction with the Garonne near Moissac to well above
Montauban.  Restoring the old locks would allow a beautiful
round-trip circuit.  
Click here to see a map of the "Tarn Ring".
A new quay is under construction in Montauban on the
Tarn near the junction with the Canal de Montech.  It
is possible to lock down onto the Tarn and travel some
10 km upstream - but not after October 1st.  Guess
we'll have to come back next summer to try that!
La télécommande makes it
easy to run the locks of
the Canal de Montech.
The Pont Vieux across the Tarn in Montauban.  Notice the mosaic sidewalk.
One of the few boats we've seen here with
an American flag.
The Place Royale in Montauban. Suprisingly empty - except for Nancy!
Surprising Trompe L'oeil.  Even the cat is
painted!  Click for a larger view.
Saturday October 7 - Fair 70º
          After checking out Montauban, we
          headed back up the
Canal de Montech.
              11:45 AM - Dep
                 1:30 PM - Lunch stop at Ecl #4
                 3:00 PM - Arr:
         Pleasant free tie-up with 2 other barges.
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Their other flag
(flying from the top
of the mast) was a
skull & crossbones
Pirate flag!
Le Canal du Midi
Can you spot our boat?
Buddha Boat Spa
Le Port de l'Embouchure
Le village de Noalhac
L'ancienne écluse à Montauban