April 2012  -  Florida Family Outings
            One of our favorite lunch stops, the Dolphin Bar Restaurant in Jensen Beach
(For a while, there was a dispute with the condo assoc. next door and they fenced off the landing dock;
fortunately they were able to resolve the issue and we can, once again, land at their very comfortable dock.)
In March and April, we had visits from my daughter, Meg
and eldest son, Henry - complete with wives and children.
Here are some photos of Meg and family...
Daughter, Meg and husband, Paul (happily) aboard Sno' Dog.
Meg's daughter, Eva (10) - taking her job seriously.
Meg with daughter, Rose (7) at the helm.
Eva & Rose keeping watch as we head south on the ICW.
The whole family swimming in the Atlantic.
Rose & Eva climbing a banyan tree - at the Dolphin Bar.
    (Meg & Paul adopted Rose - from Guatemala.)
Rose sporting a colorful outfit including a bag she
sewed herself during a sewing lesson with Nancy.
Rose took this photo of me at helm.
In mid-April, my eldest son, Henry came
for a visit with wife, Mary and their kids,
Hal (10) and Neddy (8).  But Henry left for
France (for a
La Napoule Art Foundation
board mtg) after a few days, so he didn't
make it into these photos.
A favorite stop near the entrance to Manatee Pocket
in Stuart is "Coney Island", the Hot Dog guy!
Neddy, Mary and Hal - with upscale FL background.
A non-boating trip to Legoland near Winter Haven.
Legoland is at the site of the former Cypress Gardens, this is
their version of the water-ski show!
(Click photo for larger image.)
I was happy to see a power-catamaran at Legoland!
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Links to some of our Overseas Exploits...
At the end of April, we took Sno' Dog to
Stuart Yacht Harbour to have new cutlass
bearrings and shaft seals installed.  (We were
experiencing some leakage at cruise speed.)  
For details, and a photo of our new bearings, see
Maintence & Repairs Page - & scroll down.
Sno' Dog at Stuart Yacht sporting her newly-painted waterline.
A rare picture of Nancy at the helm.  She drove while I
checked our new shaft seals for leaks.  (No leaks.)
For summer storage, we took Sno' Dog up-river through
the St. Lucie Lock to the River Forest Yachting Center.  
As you can see, Madison came along for the ride.
On the hard at River Forest - ready for her long summer's nap.
Big waves off the beach at Hutchinson I. across from Nettles I.
Mouse-over for another image.
The May 5th "SuperMoon" rising over Hutchinson
Island.        (Photo taken from our back porch.   
Just after I
took the
photo above,
flew by and
took our
.  Click Here to see our aerial photo.
. Our next entries will likely be from France
. from aboard the Canal Barge Amarok
. In the meantime, you can check out the
. excellent blog, Camp Carol Capers from our
. partners, Dick and Carol Tuschick who are in
. France cruising the Canal du Midi right now!
At right: Looks like an ad for PDQ! That's Neddy
on the bow and mother Mary reading.
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