It's good to be back in France!  Nothing like a fresh French baguette and croissants for breakfast.
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.  The beginning of our July 2011 Cruise
photo by R.Tuschick
Wednesday, August 15 - We made it to France -
but not without a little excitement.  All three of our
checked bags failed to show up in Toulouse.  The  
good news, however, is that they were actually able
to deliver them right to our boat in
We are here now, with Nancy's mom, Belle and her
husband, Dean McKusick.  We plan to spend a
couple days exploring this historic (and very
touristy) city before starting our cruise aboard the
AMAROK heading east along the Canal du Midi.
The "Port" at Carcassonne is a very busy place.  The "bumper boats" provide non-stop entertainment!
Thur Aug 16 - Stayed in Carcassonne - took "Le Petit Train"
up to the fortified bastide "
La Cité". This is the second most
visited tourist attraction in France - after the Eiffel Tower!
Rowing Club members hauling out their shell in
Carcassonne after a 5-km trip on the Canal du Midi.
Mouse-over for another image...
The main entrance to "La Cité" looks a bit like Disney World.                Nancy liked the crocheted "hats" on these horses.
Dean taking his place in the scene at the top of this page.                 Dean & Belle (and Nancy) at Chez Fred's in Carcassonne
-                                                                                                                                             our first dinner out in France.
The hotel barge "ANJODI" filling the lock in Carcassonne.
     (Note the small swimming pool near the bow!)
The same lock filled with two" bumper boats" and a small barge.
Fri 17 Aug - 12 noon - Dep Carcassonne
                  headed East on the Canal du Midi
                  4:00 PM - Arr
Trèbes - on wall
                 Today: 8.5 mi - 7 locks - 3.1 eng hrs
               Nancy & Belle bought a rabbit at the boucherie
               Got some
"Accras de Morue" (cod fish balls)
                from the
Poisonerie Moderne for appetizer.
Sun Aug 19 - 10:15 AM dep Puchéric  - 11:00 AM - La Redorte
                    12 noon - stopped in Homps for lunch
                     3:45 PM - Arr:
Argens-Minervois - Locaboat
                          Today: 11.0 mi - 5 locks - 3.7 eng hrs
Sat Aug 18 - 10:30 AM - Dep Trèbes - down triple lock
                  12 noon - stopped fr lunch in
                   4:00 PM - Arr: Puchéric - on shady bank
                      Today: 11.4 mi - 5 locks - 4.1 eng hrs
                           Nancy picked figs for dessert.
Mon Aug 20 - Bought a 5-liter box of Minervois rosé wine for 17€
                   10:15 AM dep Port d'Argens-Minervois
                    11:30 AM - Ventenac-en-Minervois
                    12:15 PM - Le Somail - stopped for lunch
                      2:00 PM - Port La Robine -
250 L diesel fuel
                      2:45 PM - turned into Canal de Jonction
                      4:15 PM - Arr:
                            Today: 13.5 mi - 5 locks - 4.6 eng hrs
Dinner on the aft deck in Carcassonne - Nancy, Dean & Belle.
Departing Carcassonne - we were the main attraction at the lock.
Henry at the helm with 3rd & 4th mates Dean & Belle keeping
Docked in front of the waterfront restaurants in Trèbes - the Poisonerie Moderne is on the right.
The hotel barge ANJODI (last seen above at the Carcassonne lock) passing our tie-up in Puchéric.
If you look carefully, you can AMAROK on the Canal du Midi.
The only person alive in the (very) quiet town of Argens-Minervois (besides me) appears to be Nancy!
One of the steel statues for sale at
the Puchéric lock.
A truly homemade houseboat on the canal near Paraza.
Reflections under the bridge in Le Somail.  That pink person at
                     the top of the bridge is Nancy!
Black swans!
Dean helping with the locks - on the Canal de Jonction.
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