Aboard the     AMAROK
August 2012 - Page 3
The Fonseranne staircase locks coming into Béziers on the Canal du Midi.
Aug 25 - 10:45 AM - Dep Poilhès - 11:20 - thru Tunnel
          11:30 AM -
Columbiers - stopped for lunch
            1:30 PM - started down Fonserannes locks
            3:30 PM - docked in
Béziers, but decided to
move on...  4:30 PM - Arr:
                      Shady wall tie-up, nice spot
Dinner at exc restaurant,
Western Music Festival in
progress!        Today: 12.6 mi - 9 locks - 4.5 eng hrs
The Canal Bridge over the River Orb in Béziers  - built in 1695!
Dean & Belle heading into a winery in Villeneuve-les-Béziers.
Evening at our dockside stop in Villeneuve-les-Béziers.
Aug 26 - Stayed in Villeneuve-les-Béziers
         Toured the town, Rabbit Stew for dinner
         Dean & Belle's last night aboard
Aug 27 - Rode bike to Béziers, picked up rental car
          Drove Dean & Belle to TLS airport motel,
          Picked up Maryjane Simpson, rtn'd to Béziers
Hotel barge Anjodi squeezing under the bridge at
Villeneuve-les-Béziers.  Never looks possible!
Aug 28 - Returned rental car to Béziers
         12noon - Dep Villeneuve-les-Béziers
         12:30 PM - Arr
Portirangnes - lunch stop
                         rode bikes to Med beach, took a dip
         4:15 PM - Arr:
Vias - bank tie-up (crowded)
                        another touristy beach town
                     Today: 8.2 mi - 1 lock - 2.2 eng hrs
The unique round lock in Agde.  Mouse-over to see us in there.
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A very crowded tour boat on the River Herault in Agde.
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. The beginning of our July 2011 Cruise
Click on photos to view  larger...
Nancy steering - and smiling at the same time!
Passing through our LAST LOCK on the Canal du Midi!
(Couldn't help noticing the very cute lock-keeper here.)
Mouse-over for another shot...
On the Mediterranean beach at Portirangnes Plage.
Aug 29 - 11:00 AM - Dep Vias (after bike ride to beach)
          12 noon - through the round lock in
          tied up past lock, walked into town for lunch
          4:00 PM - thru the last lock on the Canal du Midi
          4:30 PM - out into the Etang de Thau
          5:45 PM - Arr:
Mèze - a real marina, cost 50€ !
                         Today: 15.4 mi - 2 locks - 3.6 hrs
Open water ahead!  End of the Canal du Midi, the Etang de Thau.
Maryjane at the helm.  Note oyster beds in background.
The Etang de Thau.  Check out that OPEN WATER horizon!
Docked in the very pretty Port of Mèze.  The town at the base of the hill in the background is Sète.
Looking back, our wake reminds me of a cruise ship!
After two years in the confines of the Canal de Garonne
and the
Canal du Midi, it's great to be out in open water!  
The boat handles noticibly better out here in the deep
water, and she runs faster.  At 1600 rpm, we are cruising
at about 7 knots - a real speed-boat!
Aug 30 - 11:30 AM - Dep Mèze - back out into the Etang
           12:15 PM - Sète, enter
Canal du Rhône à Sète
             1:00 PM - Arr Frontignan - lunch stop
             4:10 PM - thru Frontignan opening bridge
             5:30 PM - Arr:
                           on wall near Abbey de Maguelonne
                   Today: 17.1 mi - 0 locks - 3.2 eng hrs
Aug 31 - 10:30 AM - Dep Maguelonne (after visit to Abbey)
           10:50 AM - X-ing the R. Lez (turn-off to Lattes)
             1:15 PM - Arr:
Aigues-Mortes, tied on wall
                        a great walled city, fun place to hang out
                         Today: 17.5 mi - 0 locks - 3.1 hrs
Sept 1 - Hung out in Aigues-Mortes in the AM
           1:45 PM - Dep Aigues-Mortes
           2:00 PM - Rejoin
Canal du Rhône à Sète northbound
           3:30 PM - Arr:
Gallician, free tie-up at PdP
                          Today: 7.4 mi - 0 locks - 1.8 hrs
                    Toured local
Mas de Notaire winery, with
                   wine tasting. Beautiful place, excellent wine!
Sunset on the Canal du Rhone à Sète near the town of Villeneuve-les-Maguelonne.  Quite different from the Midi!
With Maryjane & Nancy, the food on board was outstanding!  
Here we are having breakfast crèpes with fresh fruit,
inside and crème Anglaise on top.
The cuisinières extraordinaires hard at work in the galley.   
I think they are making a French peach custard tarte.
(Mouse-over this photo, to see the "fruits" of their labor.)
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.    Aigues Mortes to Avignon - on the Rhône!
Time to start a new page...
The Town of Frontignan - where we had to wait for their twice-daily bridge opening.
The boats in the foreground are jousting boats.  
Mouse-over for a close-up - with kids
Outdoor fireplace (and cat) in Frontignan.
Béziers to Aigues-Mortes