August 2012
a short visit to  Block Island
The "Traditional" (low speed) Block Island Ferry
"Carol Jean", one of the "traditional" ferries which runs from Point Judith to Block Island, RI.
Sunday, August 5 - Having given up on our
quest to get to Block Island by boat (see
2012 - Page 1.5), we decided to try the more
reliable method of driving to Point Judith
(about 2 1/2 hrs from Portsmouth) then
taking the ferry across Block Island Sound.
The Hi-Speed Ferry (photo on right) sounded
interesting (mainly because it's a powercat),
but we ended up taking the conventional, low
speed ferry which carries cars and takes
about 50 minutes to make the crossing. It
looks much the same as it has for the past 50
years!  The wind was 15-20 knots out of the
south and the seas pretty choppy.  A better
day for a 200-ft, 100-ton ferry than a 32-ft
cruiser, I'd say!
The Hi-Speed ferry deftly manuvering sideways out its Pt. Judith berth.
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It was quite entertaining to watch the cars which must come in backwards!
An artsy photo of me - taking a
photo of a map of Block Island
aboard the ferryboat.
Our ferry arriving in Old Harbor, New Shoreham, Block Island - Rhode Island.
Dick & Carol Tuschick met
us at the ferry in their "Island
Car", a vintage Ford wagon
with a mere 35,000 miles on it
and proceeded to take us on a
whirlwind round-the-island
The "Island Car" - they don't make 'em like this any more!
The Happy Couple out at Settlor's Rock.
Walking back to the wooden steps over the stone wall from
the "Sacred Labyrinth", an interesting Block Island icon.
Dick contemplating "Dangerous Erosion" out at
Mohegan Bluffs.
Dramatic Mohegan Bluffs, Southeast Light in the background.  If you look carefully (click to enlarge)
you will see people on the beach below.  They must climb down (and back up) 200 steps to get there!
Nancy remembered this place from our last visit here.
Summer 2008 - PDQ Rendezvous in Block Island.)
This is the impressive fast ferry which runs (at 40 mph) to New
London, CT and Montauk Pt, NY.  A real wave-piercing powercat.
A clear view of Point Judith Lighthouse in the background on our return trip.
Nancy enjoying the ride back to the mainland.
. As I wrote back in mid-May, our next
. entries will likely be from France as we
. head over there to start a 2-month stint
. aboard the Amarok.  We expect to begin
. our cruise in Carcassonne on the Canal
. du Midi.
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