January 2012
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South Florida
2012  Mini-Cruise,
Sno' Dog looking rather small next to a 65' Choy Lee -  at the New River Downtown Municipal Docks in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thursday - January 12
     12 noon Dep Miami Beach
      2:30 PM - psg Hollywood, FL
      3:45 PM - Arr:
Ft. Lauderdale
                     River Downtown Docks
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.       The Start of our So. FL Mini-Cruise
That's a boat-load of bananas!   (Docked in Port Everglades.)
Megaship Liberty of the Seas  in Port Everglades, FL.  If you
think the people on the bow look small, click on the photo
and check out the folks on the top deck above the bridge.
And that's a boat-load of BOATS!   (Also in Port Everglades near Ft. L)
From our spot on the New River, it was only
a five-minute walk to Las Olas Boulevard in the
heart of downtown Ft Lauderdale - and
Nancy's favorite spot, the Cheesecake Factory!
Nancy looking happy on Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale.
Coffee and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.  
Hers is coconut, mine is Godiva chocolate mouse.
Moving north, we arrived at Palm Beach, the last stop on our mini-cruise:
Docked at the Bahia Mar Marina in Ft Lauderdale, this is the 240-ft (!) "Dragonfly".
With her twin 3300-HP engines, this all-aluminum super yacht has a top speed of 27
knots, holds 24,000 gallons of fuel and has a range of 4500 nautical miles - if you can
afford to go that far!  There sure is a LOT of money around here!
Dusk on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.  The stores here are worth a lot!
Palm Beach style swimware - a bit
different from South Beach!
A lavish private residence on Worth Ave.
Tiffany's on Worth Ave.  Looks like a big vault to me!
A Maybach 57S in front of a house on Peruvian St.
A Bentley convertible (and Nancy) in front of another PB home.
Brooks Bothers on Worth Ave.  No bargains here!
Sunday - January 15
          11:45 AM - Dep Palm Beach
            1:45 PM - psg Jupiter Light
            3:45 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach
                           Nettles Island Marina
Leaving Palm Beach City Docks. Mast down so we can squeeze under bridges.
Jupiter Light.  Mouse-over photo for a close-up.
A Gemini 105 using the north wind to head south.
Look closely, there's a dolphin following this windsurfer!
Back at Nettles I. Marina at sunset.  Tom & Ninette on Katatomic followed us in.
What a great 10-day mini-cruise!
Certainly a tour of the richest part
of Florida.  The wealth down there
is pretty amazing!  Also amazing is
the fact that we covered a distance
of over 200 nautical miles (30+
engine hrs) without ever taking on
any fuel.  Our last fill-up was back
in May of 2011, and our gauges
still show almost half full!
We look forward to attending the
PDQ Rendezvous next weekend
(Jan 28-29) in Stuart, FL.  Perhaps
we'll see you there!
. We've seen a bunch of Funny Boat Names while cruising this
.  last week; I decided to start a new page for them, check it out!
Saturday - January 14  (after figuring out how to
                                  do a free pump-out)
               10:45 AM - Dep New River Docks
               11:10 AM - Rejoin ICW northbound
                 1:40 PM - psg Boca Raton
                 4:30 PM - Arr:
Palm Beach
                                 Palm Beach City Docks
January 24 - On an outing with son Leithan
and friend, we stopped by the Manatee Marina
in Stuart and
filled our fuel tanks; took a total
88 gallons.  Since our last fill-up (in May
2011) we've gone 288 nautical miles and put on
43 engine hours.  This works out to
3.26 n
and 2.0 gal/hr.  Pretty impressive!
In case you're wondering how we got off (and back on),
here's the answer: we planned ahead and brought a
stepladder.  It worked well.
Peck Lake, on the ICW just south of "St Lucie Crossroads", a favorite
spot to walk over to the Atlantic beach just 50 yards away.  Instead of
anchoring and lowering the dinghy as we usually do, we decided to
head into the beach.  It's fun to have a boat that can do this safely.
Friday January 27 - We're off to the
PDQ Rendezvous in Stuart.
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.       PDQ Rendezvous, Stuart, FL