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The 2012 PDQ Rendezvous at Stuart Yacht Harbor in Stuart, FL. A gathering of some 12 PDQ's, their owners & prospects looking to buy.
                          (This photo was taken from Sno' Dog. That boat appearing to make a fast exit is actually our doppelgänger!)
Friday, January 27 - We headed over to Stuart and up
the South Fork of the St. Lucie River to
Stuart Yacht
Harbor, site of the 2012 PDQ Rendezvous.
At Stuart Yacht Harbor, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset
which we thought bode well for Saturday's weather.
Here's the scene on Saturday morning.  These boats (on the outside
dock) were for sale.  From near-to-far, they are:
Lead Free Too, Sweet
Dreams, Second Wind, Desafinado, Calypso
(a 41-footer) and Cats Away
which was used as demonstrator for sea trials.
2012 PDQ Rendezvous
On Saturday, besides lots of boats to look at, and
owners to talk to, there were a series of lectures and
seminars on everything from new technology for our
boats, to cruising the Great Loop, to PDQ service &
maintenance. The affair was hosted by Beth Simkins &
Dick & Carol Tuschick of
RhumbLine Yacht Sales as
well as Bill Watson of
Stuart Yacht Sales.
As PDQ owners, we were pleasantly surprised by
how well the used boats are holding their value.  In
fact, there was one boat listed at $349,000 - quite a bit
more than we paid for
Sno' Dog brand new in 2006!
(Apparently we did well to sell our house and buy a
boat.  So far, at least.)
At the end of the day, there was a cocktail party and
a potluck dinner which proved very popular.  (See
photo at right.)
Kudos to the hosts for a job well done!  Nancy & I
thoroughly enjoyed this year's Rendezvous. We learned
a lot and met (and re-met) some really great people.
Click on photos to view larger.
A full house at the PDQ Rendezvous Dinner on Saturday evening.
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. We've seen a bunch of Funny Boat Names while cruising this
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Back at Nettles Island Marina we were greeted by some satiated pelicans.
In the meantime, here are some
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What's next?  In February, we have more family
visiting.  But in early March, we're considering a trip to
the West Coast (of Florida) - perhaps as far as Tarpon
Springs where we haven't been for 20 years or so.
Stay tuned...
.  February 10, 2012 - As suggested by Dick Tuschick at the PDQ
.  Rendezvous, I decided to install LED navigation lights on Sno' Dog.
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