July 2012
KELINA docked at the "Richard Schanda Conservation Park" in Newmarket, New Hampshire
Newmarket, New Hampshire
the continuing adventures of
Saturday, July 21, 2012 - Taking advantage of a
gorgeous day, we decided to head
inland to one of
New Hampshire's historic mill towns and once-
thriving seaport:
Newmarket, NH.  
This involved crossing Great Bay then running some
3 miles up-stream on the Lamprey River which,
although winding, was actually very well marked.  
We had no trouble reaching the head of navigation in
downtown Newmarket where we came upon a
welcoming floating dock at a small park on the
water's edge - an almost idyllic setting!
We stopped for lunch and walked around the town
and found a great little ice-cream shop.  Even though
it was perfect weather in the middle of July, this place
was amazingly uncrowded - and undiscovered!
Another great mini-cruise aboard
Docked in the delightful old mill-town of Newmarket, NH
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The Last week of July, 2012 - We were all set to take KELINA on a cruise south to Block Island,
but a windy forecast caused us to postpone our trip. Instead, we decided to take a road trip to CANADA!
You can read all about that by
clicking here: Pointe au Baril, Ontario, CANADA !
KELINA at the Town Dock in Newburyport, Mass.   A happy ending to a day that didn't quite go as anticipated.
Sunday, July 29 - One day after returning from our
Canadian Adventure, we decided to try once again to take
KELINA on a cruise down to Block Island.  We departed
Great Bay Marine (in Newington, NH) about 11 AM and
headed down the Piscataqua River through Portsmouth,
past the New Castle lighthouse and out into the Atlantic.
The wind was about 15 knots out of the Northeast and,
despite 3-to-4-foot seas from the southeast (leftover from
yesterday's winds), we were able to cruise quite
comfortably at about 20 knots.  We set our course for the
tip of Cape Ann
All was going well, when with no warning, the engine
slowed down rather dramatically.  I quickly checked the
fuel filters and saw a large negative reading on the vacuum
gauge (indicating a fuel blockage) so I tried turning the
handle on the crossover valve toward the other filter.  The
handle was very stiff, but it did turn.  Sadly, however
within less than a minute, the engine died completely, and it
refused to restart no matter what I did with the handle.
Calling on the radio, I was able to reach Tow Boat US, but
their nearest available boat was in Newburyport, MA and it
took them about two hours to get on scene. It was a very
rolly 2 hours as the boat set abeam to the waves.  (Being in
over 100 feet of water, there was no easy way to anchor.)
Nancy looking a bit green as we wait for a tow off Cape Ann.
Tow Boat US to the rescue - after a rolly 2-hour wait.
Stuck in Newburyport...
A cruise that didn't go quite as planned!
As you can see, it was rough ride for the tow boat too!
Once inside the harbor, he pulled us alongside.  In this
position, he skillfully manuvered us right into the dock.
Awaiting repairs at the Merri-Mar Yacht Basin dock.
By 5:00 PM we were
safely tied up at the
Town Dock in
Newburyport which
turned out to be a pretty
good place to be stuck.  
"Yankee Homecoming"
was in full swing and
everybody (except us)
seemed to be in a good
mood.  Then Nancy
reminded me that today
was our
29th wedding
, so I
decided this might be a
good time to take her
out to dinner!
Although they claimed to have a three-week backlog, Merri-Mar managed to find
time to quickly access our situation.  With a can of fresh diesel fuel mainlined into
the fuel pump, our engine started right up and ran smoothly.  So it was quickly
apparent that our basic problem was bad fuel.  (Jay at Merri-Mar said it was most
likely an algae build-up due to long periods of disuse.)
He also discovered that the cross-over valve was faulty (which explains why I was
unable to switch filters and get going again).  The bad news was that they would
have to order parts from New Jersey to put it back into working order.
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Saturday, August 4 - Jay at Merri-Mar called yesterday afternoon
to let us know the boat was ready to go.  They rebuilt the fuel filter
assembly and installed a new vacuum gauge.  They also ran our
fuel through a portable "polishing" device which they said clogged
up a couple of their filters in the process - some really dirty fuel!
In 50+ years of
boating, this is the
first time we've
ever needed a tow!
On Monday, we got
another tow up to  
Merri-Mar Yacht Basin
which fortunately
seemed well equipped to
deal with our problems.
After spending a couple nights on board (in Newburyport), we decided it might be
time to abandon this cruise.  I walked up to bus station and took the C&J bus (a
mere $5 and 20 minutes) back to Portsmouth then drove back down to Newbury-
port to pick up Nancy and our gear.
Today, Nancy drove me down to Newburyport and I brought the
boat back to Great Bay Marina in Portsmouth/Newington, NH.  
The engine purred along happily for the 1-1/2 hour trip.
Tomorrow, we plan to drive down to Point Judith, RI and take
the ferry over to
Block Island to visit Dick & Carol Tuschick -
only a couple weeks later than originally planned!
The newly rebuilt fuel filters - with new gauge.
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In one week, we head to France to spend two months
aboard the
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