July 2012 - Pointe au Baril, Ontario, Canada !
The Griggs' island compound in "Pointe au Baril", Ontario, Canada.  Main house on left, guest cottage on right.
The Last week of July, 2012 - We were all set
to take KELINA on a cruise south to Block
Island, but a windy forecast caused us to
postpone our trip.  With our cat off at grandma's,
we were feeling quite fancy free, so we (some-
what impulsively) decided to take up Harvey &
Sue Griggs on an invitation they'd extended
earlier for a visit to their island cottage on
Georgian Bay.  We called them and asked if we
could come "tomorrow"!  They said yes, so we
headed off by car from Portsmouth on what
turned out to be 775-mile road trip to Pointe au
Baril, Ontario. (Driving time: a bit over 13 hrs.)
Harvey & Sue met us by boat in Point au Baril Station and whisked us out
to their island cottage - about 3 miles from the nearest road-accessible port.
Looking out toward the channel from their (very cute)  guest cottage.
The Griggs' cottage sits on a point on the main
channel betreen Pointe au Baril Station and the
Lighthouse out on Georgian Bay.  The view is 270°.
With Harvey at the helm, we made a circular cruise which included
a section of the Small Boat Channel - above.
The last time we were up in this area was with
our motorsailer,
"Emily Belle" when we cruised
the Great Loop back in 1985.  We traversed the
Trent-Severn Waterway then entered the "Small
Boat Waterway" through the 30,000 Islands of
Georgian Bay - which leads eventually up to the
the North Channel.
Most Great Loopers (us included) consider
this the prettiest part of the entire Great
Loop. The photo at right shows a part of the
tortuous, but well marked, Small Boat
Channel.  It brought back fond memories of
our passage through here some 27 years ago!
Passing through an extremely narrow side-
channel known as "Hole in the Wall".
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Headed toward Pointe aa Baril Lighthouse...
View from inside the lighthouse looking toward Georgian Bay.
(The famous barrel is visible to the right - click to enlarge.)
We were actually able to go inside and climb to the top
of the lighthouse.  The lighthouse keeper, who lived here
with her husband and children for the past 35 years, was
in attendance to give us the tour.  
The Pointe au Baril Lighthouse marks the entrance from Georgian Bay into the channel which leads 6 miles up
to Point au Baril Station, formerly a stop on the Trans-Canada Railroad, and now on the Trans-Canada Highway.
This barrel marks the original "Barrel Point".
An after-sunset view from the Griggs' dining room looking out toward Georgian Bay.  A very peaceful spot!
July 29, 2012 - Home for our Canadian adventure, we set out aboard KELINA for our much-delayed
cruise to down to Block Island - where we hoped to meet up with our friends, Dick & Carol Tuschik.
Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as planned.  But that's another story - which you can now follow at:
The Continuing Adventures of KELINA, July 2012 - Scroll down to Page 1.5.