June 2012   -   our new  KELINA !
Our new Devlin 32 Fast Cruiser - KELINA
KELINA gets a quick haul-out for her survey.  (Mouse-over for another photo.)
With Sno' Dog in storage down in Stuart,
Florida, we were feeling a bit boat-less here
in New Hampshire when we just happened
to come across this beautiful, handcrafted
cruiser that really needed a home!  She had
been given to a charity by her former owner
in exchange for a large tax write-off.  For
tax reasons, the charity (
Block Island
Maritime Funding) prefers not to resell their
boats immediately.  Instead, they offer a
charter with a right-to-purchase. We agreed
to a 3-year program, after which we will be
able to apply our charter fees to the purchase
of the boat, at an agreed-upon price - which
turns out to be a fraction of the amount the
owner claimed as a deduction!
For us, it's like a no-interest, 3-year loan.
We really didn't need another boat...  But this deal - and this boat
- seemed too good to resist!  
KELINA was designed and built in the
Pacific Northwest by
Devlin Designing Boatbuilders of Tumwater,
WA (in 1998) for a New England customer who wanted a fast
"picnic boat".  She's built from cold-molded wood-epoxy and
powered by a 250-hp Volvo Penta
KAD44-EDC, 6-cylinder,
24-valve, diesel engine with both a supercharger
and  a
turbocharger!  (In its day, this was a very high-tech engine designed
to compete with, and be lighter than, comparable V-8 engines.)
KELINA is 32 feet LOA, 10' - 4" beam, with a draft of only 24
inches. She holds 120 gallons of diesel, 60 gal water & 20 gal
waste/holding.  She comes complete with every possible electronic
gadget (VHS, GPS, radar, autopilot), hot water, propane stove &
fridge - even a top-of-the-line
VacuFlush head, a Switlik Rescue Pod
life-raft and a
Cablemaster shore-power-cord recoil device!
KELINA resting comfortably in her new slip at Great Bay Marina.
View from the wheelhouse in choppy seas off Cape
Elizabeth on the trip from Maine to Portsmouth.
After a marine survey, which was required for insurance (see photo
above), we headed out from Harpswell, Maine down (up?) the
coast to Portsmouth, NH. Naturally, the wind picked up - right on
the nose - and we ran into
FOG off of Portland.  (See photos.)
The first land we spotted after leaving Bailey Island in
Casco Bay: Nubble Light on Cape Neddick in York, ME.
I was able to install the new props by backing the boat up to a
launching ramp and standing in ankle-deep water.  Certainly
one of the advantages of an outdrive: no haul-out required for
a prop change!
By the time we reached New Castle, NH and
the entrance to Portsmouth harbor, the fog was
gone and the sun broke out - which was good,
because the C-Map chip in the Simrad chartplotter
ended at Cape Elizabeth, ME!
Other than that, the maiden voyage (for me) in the
KELINA went well.  We were able to cruise at
about 15 knots, at times into 3-seas, and I was
very impressed with how well she handled choppy
water.  Dare I say, better than our PDQ
Sno' Dog?
Tea in the aft cokpit - very civilized!
During the Sea Trials, we noticed that, even at WOT, the
engine speed was only 3300 RPM - with a top speed of about
24 knots.  With some research, I determined that the boat was
over-propped.  She came with Volvo-Penta "B4" props.  After
consultation with designer, Sam Devlin, I ordered and installed a
set of new "A3" props. (See photo below.)  The results were
dramatic.  The engine now reaches 3800 RPM at wide open
throttle, and top speed is an impressive 27.2 knots!
One of the things that most impressed us about this boat is how
quiet she is at cruise speed.  Unlike most inboard cruisers, the
engine is not located beneath the pilothouse.  Instead, it's at the
extreme aft end of the boat which makes KELINA amazingly
quiet at the helm station - even more so, if you close the doors.
Now, this is what you're supposed to do with a Picnic Boat!
The head in KELINA is at the bow;
found this spot to her
liking.  This turned out to be her last
boating experience.  The photograper is
also visible in the mirror.
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In Harpswell, Maine
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KELINA at the (well-populated) City Docks in Newburyport, MA.
A picnic cruise on Sagamore Creek in the Portsmouth/New Castle area.
June 23, 2012 - Our first overnight cruise
.                             aboard KELINA.
12 noon - Dep Great Bay Marina
1:00 PM - Fuel stop at Wentworth-by-Sea
2:45 PM - Arr
Newburyport, MA - City Dock
   visit & dinner w Dick & Carol Tuschick
Sunday, June 24
11:30 AM - Dep Newburyport, MA
12:15 PM - Arr
Hampton Bch, NH - lunch stop
2:15 PM - Dep Hampton R. Marina
3:30 PM - Arr
Great Bay Marina - Newington
        A very successful overnight cruise.
Nancy sleeping - under a quilt that she made.  The
sleeping accommodations on
KELINA are not quite
as luxurious as they are on
Sno' Dog.
(Mouse-over this photo for another Newburyport photo looking west.)
Nancy's idea of great cruising!  Fortunately, aboard
KELINA, there's a perfect spot for Nancy to sit comfortably
and read her Kindle while occasionally looking out to check
the sights.  (Much like the "piano bar" aboard
Sno' Dog.)
At the Hampton River Marina in Hampton Beach, NH.
looks rather small among the other cruisers here.
We were surprised to come across this establishment in Hampton
Beach.  "Clews" is not a common name.  Unfortunately, they were
closed, so we couldn't ask if we might have relatives in common.
An excellent first mini-cruise aboard KELINA.  With
her 20-knot cruising speed, the miles slip away quickly.  
We're still not sure how much fuel she burns, the gauge
hasn't budged off  "F" since we filled up in New Castle.
Hampton Beach from the ocean.  This place was absurdly crowded!  I'm glad we didn't try to come here by car, the traffic was backed
up in all directions.  It reminded me of the Jersey shore on a Sunday afternoon.  People sure do like to hang out at the beach!
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Total Eng time: 5.8 hrs  -  milage 45.7 n mi (?)
July 10, 2012 - An Afternoon/Evening
outing to Chancey Creek Lobster Pier,
Kittery Point, Maine
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the complete photo album on Facebook.
KELINA docked at the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery Point, ME.
Aboard for this excursion were my brother, Kit, his wife Noele, their daughter,
Natasha with her three sons, Sasha, Sebastian & Augustine; and Kit's other
daughter Pip with wife Tanna and their two kids, Ziggy & Piper.  Whew!
(Nancy missed the whole thing, she's actually in Istanbul (!) this week.)
We got to check out KELINA's night lights
on this expedition - didn't get back to Great
Bay Marina until 9:30 PM.
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