A late afternoon, remarkably calm, crossing of Lake Okeechobee - the metropolis of Clewiston on the horizon.
After a visit from my daughter, Charlotte (and family)
- see photo at right - we decided to head out for a short
cruise to the
Florida West Coast.
Sno' Dog outing with granddaughters Georgia (4) and Lucy (5).
March 1 - 11:30 AM - Dep Nettles Island (Jensen Beach)
               1:00 PM - quick stop at Tuschicks, Palm Cty.
               2:15 PM - through St Lucie Lock
               4:15 PM - through Port Mayaca Lk - into Lake
               5:30 PM - Arr:
Clewiston, FL - Roland (and
                          don't forget Mary Ann) Martin's Marina
                                Today: 61.8 n mi - 5.7 eng hrs
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Links to some of our Overseas Exploits...
Arriving at the St Lucie Lock, gateway to the Okeechobee.
Click on photos to view larger.
St Lucie lock gate - note man standing on top.
In the turbulent St Lucie lock - reminiscent of France!
A 12-foot rise here, no lack of water in the lake now.
The port Mayaca Lock - no level change here.
The infamous Port Mayaca RR bridge, this structure
limits height on the Okeechobee Waterway to 49-ft.
Leaving Okeechobee in our wake...  Hard to tell where the lake
ends and the sky begins.  A realy fine day to cross the lake!
March 2 - 10:00 AM - Dep Clewiston
              11:00 AM - Moore Haven Lock
              12:30 PM - through Ortona Lock
               2:30 PM - through Franklin Lock
               4:00 PM - Arr:
Ft Myers - Cty Yacht Basin
                              Today: 55.9 n mi - 5.9 eng hrs
                        Just in time for Ft Myers Art Festival!
March 3 - 11:45 AM - Dep Ft Myers - 84º, wind S 15
                1:30 PM -
Sanibel, FL - Sanibel Marina
                               Today: 14.8 n mi - 2.0 eng hrs
                       Met Harvey & Sue Griggs on
Cat's Away
March 4 - Stayed at Sanibel.  (Strong northerly winds).
              Hung out with Harvey & Sue, dinner at
Gramma Dot's Restaurant at the Marina - Exc!
The Okeechobee rim canal between Clewiston & Moore Haven.
Docked at Roland (& Mary Ann) Martin's Marina in Clewiston.
Cows along the Caloosahatchee River.
Sno' Dog on the Caloosahatchee River near Ft Myers.  Photo
taken by Russ Kimble, new owner of PDQ 34, "All that Jazz"
- formerly Paul & Ann Gooding's "Horizons".
Ft Myers sunset with Russ & Nancy Kimble, who came by for a visit
after spotting us passing by their condo - and taking photo on right!
Ospreys on Slow Speed sign along the Caloosahatchee River
- click  photo to see larger image.
Each of the four outboards on this 28-footer has more
horsepower than
Sno' Dog's total.  At full throttle, his fuel
consumption must be well over 100 gallons/hour!
A snowy egret trying to look inconspicuous on the Sanibel
Marina fuel dock.
Sno' Dog and Cat's Away tucked in - dinghy-to-dinghy - at the Sanibel Marina.
Nancy, Sue & Harvey on the beach at the tip of Sanibel Island.
As the cold front came through, our flags were out straight.
Gramma Dot's Restaurant at the Sanibel Island Marina.
March 5 - 10:15 AM - Dep Sanibel - wind N 15, brisk
               12 noon - passing Boca Grande
                2:45 PM - Arr
Venice, FL - Crows Nest Marina
                               Today: 47.3 n mi - 4.7 eng hrs
         Filled Fuel Tanks: 98.4 gal.  265 n mi since last fill-up.
                    Rode courtesy bikes downtown, pretty place.
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A sailing kayak off N. Captiva Island.
A Ranger Tug named Tangent plowing
into the chop near Boca Grand Inlet.
On the windy Gulf-side beach in Venice, the sea gulls were mostly grounded,
                         but the kite-surfers were having a ball.
Sunset at the Crows Nest Marina in Venice.
March 6 - 12:30 PM - Dep Venice - 76º, wind NE 15
                2:30 PM - Arr
Sarasota - Marina Jack's downtown
                               Today: 13.9 n mi - 2.0 eng hrs
             Met friends fr Hanover, NH, Tom & Nancy Corindia
            The Log of our West Coast Cruise continues on
Page 2
A not-too-shy snowy egret on the dock.