March 2012              -               Page 2
FL West Coast Cruise, Con'd.
The John (& Mabel) Ringling Castle & Museum of Art in Sarasota, built in 1924 at a cost of $1.5 million.
March 8 - 11:15 AM - Dep Marina Jack's Sarasota, wind SE 15
                 1:00 PM - out into Tampa Bay - choppy
                 2:30 PM - Arr:
Gulfport, Gulfport Muni Marina
                                Today: 31.2 n mi  -  3.3 eng hrs
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March 6 - 12:30 PM - Dep Venice - 76º, wind NE 15
.                 2:30 PM - Arr Sarasota - Marina Jack's downtown
.                                Today: 13.9 n mi - 2.0 eng hrs
               Met friends fr Hanover, NH, Tom & Nancy Corindia
March 7 - Stayed in Sarasota, went out for a boat ride with the
              Corindia's.  Checked out the
Ringling Museum/Castle.
Gulf beach sunset view from high atop the
Corindia's Lido Key condo in Sarasota.
Le Barge cruise boat out of Marina Jack's - complete with palm trees!
A rare shot of Capt Henry at the helm. (photo by Tom Corindia)
Purpoise fountain in front of Marina Jack's in Sarasota.
A truly unnecessary sign in these clear waters!
A tasteful island house.  Why aren't there more like this?
An old-Florida house in a rustic setting - complete with a
1963 Ford
Falcon Futura in the driveway.  In Gulfport, FL
Click on photos to view larger.
My lunch on the fly-bridge.  Nancy can be counted on to
bring me lunch whenever we're underway at lunchtime.
March 9 - 10:45 AM - Dep Gulfport - 80º, wind E 10
.                 1:00 PM - passing Clearwater
.                 2:00 PM - Anclote River channel
.                 2:30 PM - Arr: Tarpon Springs, Tarpon Ldg Marina
                               Today: 34.8 n mi  -  3.9 hr
                               A fun, and really
Greek place to visit
                     Excellent Greek dinner at
Costas - recommended!
This tall stack is visible for miles out into the Gulf and is a
useful landmark for finding the entrance to Tarpon Sprgs.
Arriving at Tarpon Springs we were greeted by the
Sponge-o-rama tour boat.  I doubt they saw many sponges!
Downtown Tarpon Springs looks much as it did 30 years ago - the last time we visited here by boat.
The Sponge Diver Supply Co. in Tarpon Springs.  Apparently, sponge diving is still a going business here.
A boat-load of sponges for sale at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Exchange.
Nancy in front of Costas, our new favorite
Tarpon Springs restaurant.  (For a close-up
of the flaming cheese, see
Page 3.)
Statue of an early 20th century
Tarpon Springs sponge diver.
Mykonos, another more Greek-looking, Tarpon Springs restaurant.
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