Sno' Dog docked at the Tarpon Landing Marina - a short walk to downtown Tarpon Springs.
(This was the last night before Daylight Saving Time took effect.  It may not be this pretty again until November!)
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March 9 - 2:30 PM - Arr: Tarpon Springs, Tarpon Ldg Marina
                          Today: 34.8 n mi  -  3.9 eng  hrs
                          A fun, and really
Greek place to visit
               Excellent Greek dinner at
Costas - recommended!
March 10 - 11 AM (EDT) - Dep Tarpon Springs - cldy. 72º
               11:30 AM - back out to Gulf ICW (mile 0)
                 2:15 PM - under 18-ft fixed bridge near Gulfport
                 3:15 PM - Arr:
St. Petersburg - muni Marina
                                Today: 43.5 n mi  -  4.4 eng hrs
Our Saganaki (flaming cheese) arrives - at Costas Restaurant.
Besides Saganaki, we also learned
Kalispera (good evening)
Efcharisto (thank you).  Very Greek - Opa!
On our way out of Tarpon Springs, we came across this Tour
Boat which had run aground in the Anclote River.  We offered
them a tow, but they were able to get off by sending all the
passengers forward and giving it full throttle in reverse -
which produced a lot of smoke!    
(Click photo for larger image.)
Offsetting the large number of boats out and about on
weekends, is the occasionally good scenery!
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.           Sarasota to Tarpon Springs
This inside channel from Gulfport cuts off a few miles
heading for Tampa Bay, but it involves getting under this
18-ft fixed bridge.  (Mouse-over to see us going under.)
The FREE BEER Dolphin Cruise.  What's the attraction?
The strange-looking edifice known as "The Pier" in St Petersburg.
A great blue heron on the shore in St Petersburg.
Mouse-over for another image.
The elegant Vinoy Hotel in St Petersburg.
A few minutes walk from the St Petersburg
Municipal Marina, we found this outdoor cafe
which served
cafe-au-lait and beignets.  Strange,
we don't have any place like this on the East coast.
A wedding in one of St Petersburg's waterfront parks.
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.    The Start of our West Coast Cruise
March 11 - Stayed another day at St Pertersburg Muni Marina.
The up-side-down pyramid known as The Pier built in
1973; and below, what it looked like back in 1937!
Lunch with view at the Columbia Restaurant in the Pier building.
The Vinoy Hotel complex and up-scale Yacht Harbor in downtown St. Petersburg.
On display at the Historical Museum (across the street from the St Pete Municipal Marina), a flying
replica of the Benoist Flying Boat, the first commercial airliner in the USA.  In 1914 (!) this plane
offered non-stop service from St. Petersburg to Tampa - airspeed 55 mph, flight time 25 minutes.
March 12 - 11:00 AM - Dep St Petersburg  - fair 80º, wind E 15
.                 11:45 AM - under the Tampa Bay Sunshine Skyway
.                   1:30 PM - Arr: Sarasota - Marina Jack's (again)
.                                   Today: 29.7 n mi  -  2.7 eng hrs
(photo from the Historical Museum)
Approaching the Sunshine Skyway in Tampa Bay.
A classic CSY 37 under sail in Tampa Bay.
What can I say?
Excellent dinner at Mosaic (Zagat rated) restaurant  
in Sarasota.  (Mouse-over photo to see dessert.)
Why do Americans like boats that look like this?
What are you supposed to do -
or not do - here?
The markers look bigger when there's a man climbing on them!
Eye-catching Venice 3-story waterfront estate, complete with 3-story boat!
Idyllic (and popular) beachy island near the Venice Inlet.
March 13 - 11:15 AM - Dep Sarasota  - fair 80º, wind E-10 (again)
.                 12:45 PM - passing Venice
.                   3:00 PM - Arr: Cabbage Key (Pine I Sound)
                                Today: 43.8 n mi  -  4.9 eng hrs
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