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Docked at Cabbage Key in Pine Island Sound.  In the background, the very exclusive Useppa Island.
March 13 - 11:15 AM - Dep Sarasota  - fair 80º, wind E-10
.                  12:45 PM - passing Venice
.                    3:00 PM - Arr: Cabbage Key (Pine I Sound)
                                  Today: 43.8 n mi  -  4.9 eng hrs
March 14 - 11:00 AM - Dep Cabbage Key
.                 12:45 PM - enter Caloosahatchee R.
.                                  (mile 0 of Okeechobee Wtrwy)
.                   2:30 PM - Arr: Ft Myers Yacht Basin
.                                  Today: 28.3 n mi  -  3.5 eng hrs
Pine Island Sound in a rare calm state - gorgeous!
The well-marked entrance to the Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant.
Along the scenic Cabbage Key Nature Trail.
A cooperative gull at sunset on Cabbage Key..
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.       Tarpon Springs to Cabbage Key
One of the Cabbage Key rental cottages - with a
fenced-in turtle habitat in the front yard!
Thousands of dollar bills decorate the inside of the the Old
Restaurant on Cabbage Key - over $50,000, so they say.
(Fortunately, they don't serve any
flaming apetizers here!)
Ides of March! - 11:00 AM - Dep Ft Myers
                             (our usual early departure!)
                      12 noon - Franklin Lock
                      2:00 PM - passing La Belle
                      4:00 PM - passing Moore Haven
                                passed PDQ 34
"Allez Cat"
                     5:15 PM - Arr Clewiston - Roland
                      (and Mary Ann) Martin's Marina -
                   is there anywhere else to stay here?
             Exactly 2 weeks from from our last
         visit here, & once again, it's
Karaoke Night!
                       Today: 55.7 n mi   -   5.8 eng hrs
A low-cost powercat.  Looks to be a Gemini with the
mast removed and power suplied by 20hp outboards.
At the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, everyone's heading out into San Carlos Bay - boating season has begun!
Sunset as seen from the Ft Myers Yacht Basin..
March 16 - Filled diesel tanks (@ a mere $3.98/gal)
             100.1 gallons.  Since last fill-up: 296 n mi
           11:00 AM - Dep Clewiston, wind E 15 kts
           11:15 AM - headed for East Rim
           12:15 PM - passing Pahokee, practically deserted!
             1:00 PM - Port Mayaca Lk, St Lucie Canal
             3:00 PM - St Lucie Lock - 13 ft down
             5:15 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach, Nettles I.
                            Today: 63.8 n mi  -  6.1 eng hrs
Caloosahatchee RR bridge.   (I liked the clouds.)
Along the Caloosahatchee R. a CAMEL with the horses! Click
or mouse-over, for a close-up - there's an ostrich in there too!
An Outward Bound boat coming out of the Ortona Lock
-                                  under oar-power!
Great clouds today - along the upper Caloosahatchee River..
At Roland Martin's Marina, an airboat skillfully manuvers into
the dock just ahead of us.
Back to where we started - the St. Lucie Lock.
What's she doing down here?
. An excellent 16-day mini-cruise!  We covered 545
. nautical miles (625 statute miles).  We traveled on 13 of
. the 16 days, making our average run about 48 miles per
. day. Our 15-knot cruising speed allowed us to accomplish
. this with easy 3-4 hour daily runs, the rest of the time was
. spent sightseeing.  As usual, the boat performed flawlessly.
. Certainly an easier trip than heading to the Bahamas
. as weather is not much of a factor here.  The biggest open
. expanse of water is Lake Okeechobee (which was
. completely flat on our westbound trip, see Page 1.) Even in
. windy weather, the Rim Route can be followed to gain
. protection.  On our return trip, with winds gusting to 20
. kts from the East, we headed over to the east rim and came
. around past Pahokee in flat, calm waters - no sweat.
.The Florida West Coast does have a different flavor
.from the FL East Coast.  We were particularly
.impressed with the St. Petersburg area where there
.appears to be some real culture!  It's a lovely town
.with four waterfront parks, several museums and
.many restaurants - all within walking distance of the
.marinas.  We also enjoyed Sarasota and the distinctly
.ethnic flavor of Tarpon Springs.
.It was surprisingly uncrowded; we had no trouble
.finding transient dockage, even without reservations.
.Apparently the boating season for most Floridians
.doesn't start until Mid-March - strange!  For us
.Yankees, it seems like time to think about heading
.North.  It's starting to get hot here!
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