We made it!  Docked at the town quai in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.  215 km from Lyon, 710 km from Carcassonne!
Aboard the AMAROK
October 2012 - Page 1
Mercredi  3 Octobre -
10:30 AM - Dep Seurre, waiting for
Ecluse de Seurre
      Last lock before St-Jean-de-Losne!
12:30 PM - Arr:
Saint-Jean-de-Losne (Pk 215)
      Yeah! We made it! Tied up at city dock.
      Today:  9.7 mi - 1 lock - 2.2 hrs
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Road Trip to the French Alps
Saint-Jean-de-Losne - finally in sight!
The river quai in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.  OK, but the electricity was en panne!
Distinctive church in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.
Saint-Jean-de-Losne welcomes you!
The very crowded boat basin of  H2O here in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.
             All the boats with yellow signs are for sale!
Jeudi  4 Octobre -
11:00 AM - Dep St-Jean-de-Losne dock
Filled diesel tank: 150 L.  Our average
consumption since we filled the tank on
Canal du Midi has been 5.34 liters/hr.
Not bad, considering we spent a lot of
time pushing up the Rhône and Saône at
1600 - 1700 rpm's.
11:45 AM - Arrive at the docks of H2O  in
where Amarok will
spend the winter.
    Today:  0.4 mi - 0 locks - 0.3 hrs
Scenic             Saint-Jean-de-Losne
Vendredi  5 Octobre -
10:00 AM - Left H2O basin and went
through first lock of the
Canal de Bourgogne
to the working yard of Blanquart in
Saint-Usage.  Here, a mechanic changed our
engine (and generator) oil and filters, but he
also discovered we had a failing fuel pump.  
After a call to Monsieur Perkins, it was
determined that a new pump had to be
ordered from the UK and would not be here
until Monday.  So it looks as though we will
be spending the weekend here in St-Usage.
Preparing to enter the Canal de Bourgogne from St-Jean-de-Losne.
Docked at Blanquart's service yard in St-Usage.  We inquired
about getting a haul-out here, but their crane (visible in the
background) did not have the capacity to lift our 29-ton boat.
Taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather, I
decided to give the woodwork another coat of
Saturday & Sunday, October 6th & 7th -
Hung out at Blanquart's dock in
Saint-Usage. Varnished
the brightwork, cleaned out the gray water sump and
other fun stuff!  Time to start preparing for our winter
lay-up.  The boat is scheduled for haul-out (by H2O) on
Monday & Tuesday, October 8th & 9th -
Cleaned up, packed up, prepared for winter storage.
Wednesday, October 10th -
Haul-out was scheduled for 9:00 AM, but the
"telecommande" for the hydraulic trailer was "en panne".
Eventually (at 3:30 PM) it was deemed workable enough,
so we brought
Amarok to the launching ramp and drove
onto the waiting trailer.  The haul-out was done just as you
would a 16-ft runabout, only the trailer was a bit bigger.
Amarok at the ramp ready for haul-out - by H2O.
Amarok comes out!  That trailer is rated for 50 tons and has a
set of wheels that looks like the landing gear on a jumbo jet!
A serious pressure wash - by a cute red-head!
Ready to travel...   Headed for the winter storage area.
Here we are in the winter storage line-up.  The blue boat to the left is Siyabonga, a sister ship to Amarok.
To me, our bottom didn't look too bad.  But Phillippe Gérard of H2O says we have many rust spots and
he recommends sand-blasting and coating with epoxy before re-applying the black paint.  He also noted
some propeller damage which likely explains the minor vibration we've been feeling lately.
Since the boat is not very comfortable to live aboard while "on the hard", we decided to take
advantage of our rental car and head off to the East to visit some places not accessible by boat.  
Annecy and Chamonix Mt-Blanc are on our list of possible destinations.  See October - Page 2.
Amarok taking a road trip through the French countryside to the storage area.
This is one heck of a
pressure wash machine!  
Powered by a 3-cylinder
diesel, it draws water
from the canal.
Our bare bottom...   Ready for some refurbishing.
Our aft end.  Really doesn't look too bad, IMHO.
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