Aboard the AMAROK
September 2012 - Page 1
The main entry into the walled city of Aigues-Mortes.
Sept 1 - Hung out in Aigues-Mortes in the AM
        1:45 PM - Dep Aigues-Mortes
        2:00 PM - Rejoin
Canal du Rhône à Sète northbound
        3:30 PM - Arr:
Gallician, free tie-up at PdP
                       Today: 7.4 mi - 0 locks - 1.8 hrs
                Toured local
Mas de Notaire winery, with
                wine tasting. Beautiful place, excellent wine!
Sunday, September 2nd -
10:30 AM - Dep Gallician
11:30 AM - turned L to follow
Canal du Rhône à Sète
12:15 PM - Arr: Saint Gilles, tied on wall w peniches
           Just in time for major grape harvest festival,
            and the
Running of the Bulls in the evening!
                 Today: 9.5 mi - 0 locks - 1.9 hr
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. The beginning of our July 2011 Cruise
A bumper-boat attempting to pass "Jumbo" on the
Canal du Rhône à Sète just north of Aigues-Mortes.
Click to see larger image...
The beautiful golden Cathederal of Aigues Mortes.
A "Scary" boat passing us on the Canal du Rhône à Sète,
but only a hint those to come on the big Rhône River.
This turned
out to be a
very fun
though it's
a bit off
our direct
route north.
A Salon de Coiffure Ambulant in St. Gilles.
The Bull Fighting Arena in St. Gilles.  Next fight in Oct.
   (Mouse-over to see the inside.  We snuck in!)
Docked with the barges in St. Gilles.
I've seen boulangeries and boucheries, but never a carrosserie!
At 7:00 PM the Fête de St Gilles concluded with the Running of the Bulls!
(After this parade, the cowboys chased a bunch of bulls down the streets.)
Monday, September 3 -
10:45 AM - Dep
St. Gilles - we loved this place!
11:15 AM - Rejoin main route to Petit Rhône
11:30 AM - through the giant St. Gilles Lock
1:50 PM - Arr Jcn with the big Rhône, turned S.
2:15 PM - Arr
Arles - but hard to find good tie-up
This is the only spot we could find to tie up in Arles.  Not a user-friendly town for small boats!
The only place for
small boats to tie up
Arles was a
single pontoon with
many (mostly local)
boats rafted to it.  A
floating restaurant
(La Peniche) offered
rafting, but they had
space for only two
boats - and they
were "full". The
small hotel barge
"Estrello" kindly
allowed us to raft
with them, but after
an hour or so, we
decided it was time
to head upstream.
Sept 3, con'd - 3:30 PM - Dep Arles - headed upstream -
.                        only making 4-mph against        the current
.          5:45 PM - into Beaucaire Lock - our        1st Rhône Lck.
.          6:30 PM - Arr: Vallabrèges - floating      dock
.                         Today: 33.6 mi - 2 locks -        7.1 hrs
Cruise ship "Van Gogh".  These huge cruise ships are designed to just fit into the Rhône giant locks.
Heading back up-river from Arles, our trusty Garmin
GPS shows a ground-speed of only 3.9 mph.
The current on the Rhône is quite visible here.
Our first Rhône lock .  Awesome, but really quite easy.
Entering the giant Ecluse de Beuacaire.
Sept 4 - 10:00 AM - Dep Vallabrèges
         11:45 AM - turn L. into branch of old Rhône
         12:15 PM - Arr:
Avignon - tied to wall at PdP
                          Much more friendly for small boats here,
                           (A great town, stayed here 3 nights.)
                            Today: 12.4 mi - 0 locks - 2.3 eng hrs
The famous bridge at Avignon.  Sur le pont d'Avignon, on y danse...
Our convenient (and free) tie-up spot in Aigues-Mortes.
The tower, and port (under bridge) - and clouds - of Aigues-Mortes.
His & hers Porta Potties.  Quite funny!
Tasting wine at the Mas de Notaire winery in Gallician.
        We liked it - and of course, bought some!
Close-up of  barge behind us - see photo on left.
One of the (small) riders at the Fête de la St Gilles.
The Police Station in St. Gilles.  Appearently not
too much business during the
Fête de la St Gilles!
Spectators crowd behind metal guard-rails to watch the activities.
to Avignon
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Sept 5 - Stayed in Avignon.   See:  Sept 2012 - Page 2