Aboard the AMAROK
September 2012 - Page 2
Maryjane holding a baguette in the old section of Avignon - a 10-min walk from AMAROK
Mardi  4 Septembre -
.            12:15 PM - Arr: Avignon - tied to wall at PdP
            Much more friendly for small boats here.
             Today: 12.4 mi - 0 locks - 2.3 eng hrs
           Rode bike to TVG RR Stn to get rental car
5 Sept -
     Stayed in
Avignon.  Drove to Pont du Gard
View of Avignon Port from top of the Rochers de Doms.  Our
Amarok is just barely visible near the far end of the line of boats.
The TVG station on the south side of Avignon.  I rode 5 km
to this ultra-modern outpost (which looked very out of
place here) to get a rental car.
Golden statue of Mary at the church next to the
Palace of the Popes.  Mouse-over for a closer look.
Car tunnels through the old walled city of Avignon.
Sunrise over the old Rhône at our dock in Avignon.
Entering another giant Rhône lock, the Ecluse d'Avignon.
The Pont du Gard aquaduct - a 30-minute drive from Avignon.  Built by the Romans in
19 BC (!) a remarkable testament to their abilities.  (Nancy & Maryjane at right.)
Sunset along the wall in Avignon.
A canoe passing under the Pont du Gard.
Jeudi  6 Sept - Drove Maryjane to
Marseilles Airport - only 45-min fr
Avignon. Returned rental car.  Dinner at
outdoor café in the old city.
Vendredi  7 Sept - Filled water tank,
88 L. diesel fuel (thought it was 150
liters, but it was actually 150€ worth).
1:20 PM - Dep Avignon
2:15 PM - enter Avignon Lock
3:30 PM - Arr:
Roquemaure - tied to wall
       Today: 11.4 mi - 1 lock - 2.4 hrs
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.                    North along the Rhône
The famous Avignon bridge (Pont St. Benezet)  built in 1185!  The only
bridge across the Rhône during most of the Middle Ages.
Each lock has its assigned VHF frequency.  We
call about 15-min before arrival:
"Ecluse d'Avignon,
c'est bateau de plaisance "Amarok".  Nous
approchons l'ecluse a deux kilometres, montant -
environs quinze minutes.  A vous..."  
Of course
their response is in Frence as well, but we've had
no trouble.  They're quite friendly, we've seldom
had to wait more than 15 minutes.
Docked in Roquemaure with a pretty British boat (a rare Moody powerboat).  Château de l'Hers in the background.
Samedi 8 Septembre -
.9:30 AM - Dep Roquemaure - after usual bread run
.9:45 AM - passing Châteauneuf-du-Pape
10:30 AM - enter Caderousse Lock
12 noon - Arr:
St. Etienne-des-Sorts - everything clsd.
.3:00 PM - enter Bollène Lock - deepest in Europe!
.5:15 Arr: Viviers - docked OK at finger dock
         Today: 34.6 mi - 2 (big) locks - 6.7 hrs
         Very pretty little town, stayed another night.
In the Ecluse de Bollène, tallest in Europe - 75-ft rise, awesome!
This is one  L - O - N - G  boat; a tug pushing two barges.  Believe it or not, this whole thing fits into the Rhône locks!
Click on photo to make it even longer...
Docked in Viviers - with cruise ship "Maribelle" in background.
Cruising on a particularly scenic section of the Rhône just south of Viviers.
OK, inland water cruisers,
what does this sign mean?
(It doesn't mean turn
around and go back where
you came from!)
Friendly swans looking for a hand-out in Viviers.
(Mouse-over for another swan close-up.)
A beautiful plane-lined allée leading from the port into the town of Viviers.
One of the many tunneled passageways in Viviers.  Fun to explore!
This tiny street in Viviers was laughably
named the
Grande Rue!
Boulangerie/Patisserie in Viviers.  Only a  5-min walk from the boat.
A quiche, created from scratch, by Nancy.
Dimanche  9 Septembre -
Stayed in
Viviers - what a charming little town!
Avignon to Viviers