Aboard the AMAROK
September 2012 - Page 3
Cruising the wide-open Rhône just above the Châteauneuf Lock - over a mile wide here.
Lundi  10 Septembre -
10:30 AM - Dep Viviers - behind
10:45 AM - Châteauneuf Lock
. 1:45 PM - Logis-Neuf Lock
. 3:30 PM - Arr: La Voulte - tied to wall
        An unexpected find, very fun!
 Today: 24.4 mi - 2 locks - 5.1 hrs
Yet another Rhône lock, the Ecluse de Châteauneuf, behind the barge Provence.
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.           North on the Rhône - to the
Mardi  11 Septembre - (9/11)
10:00 AM - Dep La Voulte
11:00 AM - Beauchastel Lock
. 1:00 PM - Arr: Valance/Epervière
        Very nice marina  (PK 112)
         Today: 10 mi - 1 lock - 2.5 hrs
Mercredi  12 Septembre -
Stayed in
Valence...   Weather turned suddendly cooler, first
time since we arrived a month ago, we put on long pants!
Strong, gusty northerly winds - 35 kts!
Artwork on the nuclear plant near Cruas.
In the enchanting town of La Voulte-sur-Rhône .
Waiting at the Ecluse de Logis-Neuf just north of Cruas.
On the wall in La Voulte-sur-Rhône - a town built in circles around a large rock.
Above and left: more streets in La Voulte-sur-Rhône.  
Just couldn't stop taking pictures here!
This beautiful bridge across the Rhône in La Voulte was built in 1889!
The eerily-lighted bridge in Epervière.  This shot  was taken from our berth at the Valence-Epervière marina.
I think I'd be embarrassed to be on this cruise ship!
La Voulte church window.
In the Beauchastel Lock with Kingfisher.
Jeudi & Vendedi  13 & 14 Septembre -
Stayed in
Valence...   Waited for strong, gusty northerly
winds to calm down.  Not a bad place to be stuck.  Met a
British couple who stopped here 5 years ago and never left!
Continuing north on the Rhône...
La Voulte-sur-Rhône
Samedi  15 Septembre -
10:00 AM - Dep
Port de l'Epervière - wind N 15
10:45 AM -
Ecluse de Bourg-les-Valence
12:20 PM - Arr Tournon, stopped at Halte Nautique
           Sat. Market in session 50-ft from boat!
2:00 PM -
Ecluse de Gervans
3:30 PM - Arr: St. Vallier (PK 76) - Exc floating dock
            Today: 22.3 mi - 2 locks - 4.5 eng hrs
Nancy shopping at the Casino Géant near the marina.  
I loved the misty fog over the fresh vegetables!
During the cold spell, we brought the outside table
down into the salon where it was cozy and warm.
You can see by the flag that wind is blowing strongly.  
Mouse-over to see the whitecaps at our marina slip!
This strange machine cleared weeds from the Epervière marina.
This man walked by the marina every morning with his llama.
(Mouse-over for a close-up.)  The llama was very friendly!
Dimanche  16 Septembre -
10:00 AM - Dep Saint Vallier - beautiful day, no wind
10:30 AM - passing Andancette, nice new dock
11:30 AM -
Ecluse de Sablon, behind barge Diamant
1:00 PM - Arr Halte Nautique de Chavanay, lunch stop
2:30 PM - Arr:
Les-Roches-de-Condrieu - Marina (Pk 47)
Added 150 L diesel fuel
                 Today: 21.0 mi - 1 lock - 4.2 eng hrs
               V. pleasant town and marina - incl free WiFi
Docked at the Halte Nautique de Tain L'Hermitage across from the town of Tournon (in the background).
This section of the Rhône is known for its terraced hillside vineyards,
the well-known
Côtes du Rhône wines come from this region.
At the Halte Nautique de Chavanay - we
weren't the only ones stopped here for lunch!
This is the pretty town of Andance - across the river from Andancette.
The bridges across the Rhône are beautiful,
many date back to the 1800's.
A cute stone house in Les Roches-de-Condrieu.
The Bellevue Restaurant overlooking the Rhône in Les Roches-de-Condrieu.
                                It certainly could boast a belle view!
Lundi  17 Septembre -
10:30 - Dep
Les Roches-de-Condrieu
11:15 - Arr Ecl de Vaugris, waiting...
1:00 - Arr:
Vienne - lunch stop - pretty town
4:00 PM - Arr
Givors - floating dock
          Today: 14.2 mi - 1 lock - 3.2 hrs
              (only 18 more km to Lyon!)
In the Rhône
de Vaugris
You might
well ask how
I got this
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