Aboard the AMAROK
September 2012 - Page 4
A very colorful barge passing us on the Rhône just north of Les Roches-de-Condrieu.  These guys move fast!
North on the Rhône - to the Saône
Lundi  17 Septembre -
10:30 - Dep
Les Roches-de-Condrieu
11:15 - Arr Ecl de Vaugris, waiting...
1:00 - Arr:
Vienne - lunch stop - pretty town
4:00 PM - Arr
Givors - nice floating dock
           Today: 14.2 mi - 1 lock - 3.2 hrs
             (only 18 more km to Lyon!)
The big red barge, Diamant had to wait long enough for the next
lock that we were able to catch up and get in behind him.
In the Ecluse de Vaugris with Kingfisher.  Small boats
can do the Rhône too!  (If you click on this photo,
you'll see British owners, Lee & Barb waving at us.)
Lunch stop in the pretty town of Vienne.  We walked across the bridge
and took this photo.  As you can see, the Rhône is getting smaller here.
A very convenient floating dock in Givors - our last stop before Lyon.
Mardi  18 Septembre -
10:00 - Dep Givors - fair 65°F, calm wind
11:30 -
Ecl de Pierre-Benite - last lock!
12:45 - Arr:
Place Nautique de Confluent
      Yacht Basin in LYON - on the Saône!
            Today: 12.5 mi - 1 lock - 2.8 hrs
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.            Continuing North on the Saône         
Givors was interesting, these modern houses
were built in front of the old hillside ruins.
(Notice women with bag-full of baguettes.)
Faites attention!  Don't let this happen to you!
(Can't read the sign?  Click on the photo.)
   Town of Givors in the background.
This strange "Orange Cube" greeted us on arrival to Lyon.
We made it up the mighty Rhône - to the
confluence with the Saône.  Not a bad trip at
all.  As usual, the tales of woe are greatly
exaggerated, we had no difficulties whatsoever.
Place Nautique de Confluent is a hoot! An
ultra-modern attempt to re-do the old Lyon
port area. (See below.)  Across from these
apartment buildings is a HUGE, 3-story
shopping mall named
Mercredi  19 September -
Spent the day touring
Lyon.  We took the
"Vaporetto" water taxi up-river 2-km to the
old city and walked around there.  Lyon is
considered the gastronomical capital of
France and is known for its many sidewalk
restaurants called
"Bouchons".  We found
one for lunch and had a delightful 3-course
meal with duck, veal and strawberry dessert.
Amarok docked at The Place Nautique de Confluent in Lyon - kilometer-post 1.5 on the Saône.
The Vaporetto water taxi on the Saône in Lyon.
This boat had some sort of hybrid drive and ran
amazingly smoothly and quietly - very elegant!
The giant Confuence mall next to the Place Nautique de Confluent in Lyon.
Quite a few restaurants here in Lyon claimed to be a
"Veritable Bouchon Lyonnaise".
Here we are having lunch at own Veritable Bouchon
.  Nancy's having Escalope de Veau, I'm
Aiguillettes de Canard.
There are many incredibly ornate churches in Lyon.  
This is the
Cathedral de St Jean.
This photo was taken in the Place de St Jean looking up at the
(even more ornate)
Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière.
The Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière.  We took the funicular
railway to the top of the hill to visit this amazing cathedral.
(Mouse-over to see some of the amazing detail on this church.)
The Café du Soleil in the old city of Lyon - quite a sight!
I loved this little gargoyle sitting on someone's window ledge.
Panoramic view of Lyon from the Place de la Basilique up in Fourvière.  The city appears to go on forever...
The Saône is in the foreground, in the distance you can (just barely) see the Rhône which also runs thru Lyon.
Nancy said this store looked like the "Little Shop of Horrors"!   
As you can see, they really did have carnivorous plants here.
Jeudi  20 Septembre -
11:30 AM - Dep
Place Nautique de Confluent, Lyon
        stopped at fuel barge, filled tank - took 115 L
1:00 PM - Halte Fluviale du Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or
2:15 PM - Ecluse de Couzon - no floating bollards
2:45 PM - Arr:
Neuville-sur-Saône, concrete dock
              Today: 12.3 mi - 1 lock - 2.6 eng hrs
Vendredi  21 Septembre -
  Awoke to find huge outdoor market setting
  up on the square in front of our boat!  Fun...
11:00 AM - Dep Neuville--sur-Saône
12 noon - Arr
Trévoux - lunch stop, cute town
3:30 PM - Arr:
           Today: 19.3 mi - 0 locks - 3.1 eng hrs
The first lock on the Saône, the Ecluse de Couzon.  Quite different from
the Rhône locks, just a little lock next to a dam as on smaller rivers.  No
floating bollards or rails, you have to work your way up the hook points.
This sign post shows the extreme flood
levels of the Saône at this point (Mt
d'Or). The flood of 1840 was pretty
devastating to this area!