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Photo Log of progress on our new house at Nettles Island,  cont'd.
An aerial view of Nettles Island taken from my brother's ultralight seaplane on March 16, 2016
Our 1299 building site is just to the left of #1300 - which is marked in red.
Brother Kit flying his Air Creation ultralight seaplane.
Aerial view of our 1299 building site.  Outline of new house shown by the red lines.
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(The white fence runs along the property line, the corner extends out to the seawall.)
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Starting the forms for the concrete beams that will run between the columns.
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Building the shoring for the main floor and support beams.
Basically, they built an entire wood floor as a base for the concrete floor.
To support the weight of the wet concrete (90 tons) they put a support every 4 ft.
A panoramic view from the roof of 1300 Nettles showing the forms and shoring plus an amazing amount of steel re-bar - ready for the Big Pour!
Looking up!  The concrete boom truck positioning for the Big Pour.
The Big Pour in progress.  Eight people from Doyle Masonary on the job.
Big Pour completed...  Forty-five yards of concrete - over 100 tons!  Nine cement trucks - only half-full because of weight limit on causeway bridge.
Dean (Doyle) and James (JWN) surveying the Big Pour.
Only two days after the Big Pour, the concrete block walls were completed!
Panoramic view of the completed concrete block work.  Our house is finally starting to take shape!
Filling the cavities in the block with cement.  This guy balanced on the top
of the wall while holding the cement hose - very impressive!
James (of JWN) supervising the arrival of the roof trusses.
James Newman in the middle of the trusses.
Travis, James' right-hand-man, looking dashing in his Foster Grants!
The first truss is lifted - from the middle of the road!
The first roof truss in position at the back of the house.  
The living room will have a vaulted ceiling.
          All the trusses all went up in one morning!
They were computer designed, and a sight to behold!
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