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Computer-designed trusses span the entire house wall-to-wall; no load-bearing walls here.  Check out that water view!
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Another view of the intricate trusses - looking west (toward the street).
View looking east (toward the water).
Our first resident!  This dove hung out on the rafters until
the roof was closed in, then she tried to nest under the soffit.
New house dwarfs the old!
View from the kitchen area looking southeast toward the living/dining area - note vaulted ceilings.
Looking west (toward the street).  That's the elevator shaft on right.
Filling in the last hole in the roof.  Workers had to wait for an outside ladder to get down!
Roof, now covered with tar-paper, as seen from the "Commercial Area".
This is what our new house looks like from the street.  (We're on "Florida Loop").
View looking west from the water-side.  We're about the same height as 2-story #1298 next door.
Outside temp: 100°!  Time to think about
heading north to cool New Hampshire.
We just chose our kitchen cabinets.  Decided
     on a basic offering from Home Depot.
This is where we are as of mid-May.  Roof is "dried in" - but it will
eventually be standing-seam metal.  We still need inside partitions, windows &
doors, plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinets, flooring, countertops, etc, ect.
Hopefully, all this will be done by next fall when we plan to move (about
25-feet) from 1300 to 1299.
 Total "Living Area under A/C"
.             is 1750 sq ft
But it sure looks HUGE right now!
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Apparently our "first resident" has now
found a good nesting spot under the
soffit.  She appears to be siiting on 2 eggs.
Insulation installed...  (It's 3/4-in - R-5 - foil-backed polyisocyanurate foam board, in case you were wondering.)
Nancy in her insulated, soon-to-be, new kitchen.
        Nancy and Addie checking out some very large puddles.
(We're glad to have a roof on our new house after this downpour.)
Just  posted a "For Sale by Owner" sign on our 1300 Nettles house.
(We're telling people that we'll be out of here by September 1st.)
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