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This is how our new house looked in early June when we packed up to head north to New Hampshire.
The new metal roof has just been completed - by "The Metal Roof Experts" and the windows have been installed.
View from the kitchen area...  Inside walls framed, some windows and some HVAC ducts installed.
View from the future deck area.  That aluminum frame is for our 10-ft wide sliding door.
Travis and Seven installing a window.
The" Monster in the Attic"!  (HVAC ducting.)
Rails and hydraulic cylinder for the elevator.
(Looking down the shaft from the living area.)
Fabricating the roofing panels on-site from a roll of aluminum.
Nesting dove update...  The eggs have hatched!
Installing the metal roof...  Note that guy standing out on the far edge with no saftety harness.
The big guy, James (GC) on the job.
Finishing the roofing...  A lot of peaks and valleys!
The roofing guys found a discarded sofa and mattress
and brought them under the house for
Siesta time!
Trying to finish the roof  before the storm - they didn't make it!  (The photo at the top of this
page was taken the next morning when they returned to complete the job.)
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Back for a short visit in early July,
I added some more photos below.  
The stucco has been started - so we
now get to see some color!  Also, lots
of wiring and the start of boxing-in the
plumbing and wiring below the main
floor.  A lot of work is required here to
make eveything look pretty.
The scene as of July 12, 2016.  The good news is that there's an "Under Contract" sign on #1300.  The bad news
is that we'll need to be out of there by September 1st - well  before we can move into #1299.
Boxing-in the plumbing down below.  Eventually, this will all be stuccoed.
Insulation and lots of wiring in the kitchen area.
A lot of switches!  It'll be a while before we know what they all do!
The master bedroom.  We added those holes over the closets for extra storage.
Applying stucco to the bands around the windows on the street side.
Installing the "waterline" band on the waterside of the house.
Insulation installation...  Spray-on, open-cell, polyurethane foam.
The water side of the house, almost ready for stucco.
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